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1. How do I know if I can play a DVD I'm interested in?

If you are in the UK, your DVD player will most likely only play PAL Region 2 or Region 0 DVDs.  All region DVD players can of course play any disc from any country.

Be sure you can play the discs you purchase from us before you order them!

      REGION 1: USA and Canada (NTSC)

      REGION 2: Europe (PAL), Japan (NTSC), South Africa, Middle East

      REGION 3: South-East Asia (primarily NTSC)

      REGION 4: Central and South America (NTSC), Australia (PAL), New Zealand (PAL)

      REGION 5: Former Soviet Union, India, Pakistan, Africa (primarily NTSC)

      REGION 6: China (primarily NTSC)


2. When can I expect my order to arrive?

We don't mess around at MoviedromeDVD. All order are dispatched within 48 hours without question. For all UK buyers all items will be posted via 2nd class Royal Mail and normally take between 2 to 5 working days to arrive (although the Royal Mail asks for up to 14 days). Overseas orders are dispatched via Airmail Small Packets and can take between 7 to 21 working days to arrive (Royal Mail asks for up to 28 days).  

3. I live outside of the UK and my discs haven't arrived yet. When should I expect them/what's taking so long?

Be a Jedi and follow Yoda's instruction: "Patience!" In the years since we've been on eBay, only a few packages have ever been lost in the mail. Still, delays can occur when it comes to shipping overseas. Remain calm! Feel free to contact us to ask when exactly your package was shipped (although you should receive a shipping confirmation from us - check your mail!), but honestly our best advice is to wait just a little longer. Once a package leaves us and is in the hands of the postal systems there is nothing we can do to speed it along to you. 

4. I just got a disc and when I try to play it in my player it won't play. What's going on?

Make sure your player can play the disc you are trying to play and that you're not playing a region-coded disc in a player from another region - for example trying to play a PAL disc in an NTSC-only player (or vice versa). See #1 for more info.  If you truly have a defective disc, please refer to our store policies for return info.  

5. I got a disc from you and it wasn't factory sealed. Is this disc used?

Absolutely not! We don't sell used or bootleg DVDs ever! Rather, not every country in the world shrinkwraps their discs. Occasionally we have to open discs to make sure they've arrived to us undamaged so you get a pristine disc. 

6. Why buy from MoviedromeDVD and not from a SuperStore?

Because we care about you - we really do! We share the same passion for cult films as you. We are a small business and the only way we can operate is by intense buyer loyalty. We welcome your feedback and any comments about our titles and operations. Feel free to join us on Facebook (MoviedromeDVD) and add your own comments, start a discussion or just get fun updates from us!

7.  How do you ship?

In the UK we post using the Royal Mail.

Overseas order are posted via Airmail Small Packets

Charges are based on your location. Simply use the postage option menu on ebay.

8. How do I contact you? 

The best way to reach us is through eBay or directly by email at moviedromedvd@gmail.com