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Before Bidding, please check information about Payment & Shipping & Combined Shipping charges, and terms and conditions, Please go to page:
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Q. Can you check if my payment in, as I haven't received my item since I paid two weeks ago?

A. Could you confirm the date, how much and any reference id on the payment, pls?
as we have some payments without id at all, we appreciate if you can give us such information to help us to check the payment. In some instances, the tellers didn't put the reference id in as said so,  we are unable to check the payment without such information, the bank record states only the date, amount, and some reference id, that is all we can see from the statement. also we can not identify the payment only using the email from you, as too many items sold in same prices. Be nice to the tellers, they will happy to help you.


Q. what kind reference id I should put in with my payment?

A. any of below.

1. your ebay name

2. the item number

3. the last 4 digital number of the item number, as some banks only allow put in 4 or 6 digital numbers.

4. your address's post code.

Naver use your account No. as reference id. also ask the teller nicely so they will type in the reference id for you, if you pay in counter.

Q. how long will take you send out the item?

A. soon as the money cleared, one or two working days. we will send a emil to you about the sening date of the item, but we will not send email to inform you that we got the money as the next one or two days the items will be sent out anyway.

Q. How you calculate the combined shipping charege?

A. the highest single item shipping charge among the items that sent out plus one dollar each for any additional item within Australia only.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. It depends on the nature of the problem, when you find anything wrong , pls contact us as soon as possible, not after received the item for a few weeeks, then told us it was broken during the mail. General speaking, the shipping charge is not refundable.

Q. What will happen if I didn't put any reference id with my payment?

A. It will make us headache, if 3 items sold at same price, one be paid without reference id, who should I sent to? have to wait all of 3 be paid, then send them out. may take a few weeks to work out all payers, so pls put the reference id in.

Q. Can you send the item to any one at any address?

A. we only send the item to the buyer's real name on ebay file, so the address. if you want as send to different person or address, pls change your file on ebay. 

 Q. I sent a email including the payment receipt but after one week still didn't hear from you and the item still didn't get, what happen?

We normal didn't reply the email as soon the payment in our a/c, the item will send out out within one or two working days anyway. one very important point is the payment must have reference id, otherwise will take weeks to find the real payer.

also sorry to see your email, we had some payments  at the end of last month but without any reference id. it is very hard for us to identify the payer, as the receipt only means the transaction starts and no nessary to sure the payment will in our a/c, also without reference id, sold 3 items at same price and just one payment in without id, who suppose we send to? we have to use our way to find the real payer who didn't put id in payment, and that is why we send you email ask help,we didn't keep the receipt email as we only belive the payment done- when the money in our a/c with id, nothing else, so we have to ask you confirm you payment date and amount, sorry about it, but if you were in our shoes, you will understand. thank your understanding.

Q. Can I pick up at your address?

A. sorry, there is no pick up for anyone, for safety reason and also  the item was in storeage site not in the mail address.

Q. Could you help check my payment as I didn't put in any reference id in the payment at all?

if you think you made this payment, Could you tell us when, how and how much you made your payment? Any reference id ? We are unable to identify your payment now, some payments in our a/c without reference id at all or very hard to understand, so we have to ask your helping.

thank you. 



Q. we sent a cheque from US to you but haven't got the item ,pls help check?

thank you sent a cheque from US to us, we got it today, but we didn't think we will cash it here in Australia as the Banks in here will charge us from A$15.00 to A$20.00 and take 30 days, the money left for us may not enough for the postage even, auctually the only payment option for oversea byuer is to use paypal as states in out terms and conditions. so Could you use paypal ? and our paypal id:
the cheque sent will mail back to you with your item, thank you and sorry for all the trouble.


 Q. I have a grey/black braclet , and won a grey/black earrings, but when I got the earrings the grey is different from bracelt, what happen?

all pearls colours are different, we have so many grey /black colours, people may have different views about what the colout is for one pearl, but the photo is taken from real item and the photo colour is the colour, no matter what colour you think it is. if you buy them in one go, may be it is easy to match the colours even not 100% same colour.



Hi, Is this in photo the actual item that you are selling?

Thank you.

all the items in our list are the actual items, we use "Canon ixus i" digital camera to take the photos.
How can I pay you from US?
Hi: thank you shopping at our shop.

International Buyers the postage for first item will cost US$10.00, any additional item will cost US$2.00 each.

you can pay us via "paymate" the Australian Dollars value A$xxx.xx in US dollars (according to the paymate exchange rate) plus the US$10.00 postage.

thank you again.




hi I was just wondering if the pearls are a natural creamy white, because in the picture they look a little pinkish? thank-you



It is natural creamy white; there is always a slight different in colors between the real item’s color and the photo’s, the picture color can be affected by background color, light, sun light etc, all the pictures in our shop are shot using digital camera.



Q . why the shipping charge within Australia is A$7.00 or A$8.00 for the first item with registered post.


the costs for shipping
1. item package
2. post package
3. registed item cost( we have to use registered post to avoid dispute as we have no time to check again and again,  if somthing go wrong. that  would cost us too much, just pass the troubles to Post.  if we use 30 mins  to check one item, it didn't worth us to do so for a few dollalls items)
4. postage.
5. labour cost.


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