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User:Date:18-Apr-14 06:33:42 BST
Praise:Great, thanks
User:Date:18-Apr-14 06:23:10 BST
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:18-Apr-14 06:12:46 BST
Praise:item was exactly as described and brand new
User:Date:18-Apr-14 05:25:06 BST
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:18-Apr-14 05:20:18 BST
Praise:Great thanks!
User:Date:18-Apr-14 03:38:04 BST
Praise:Great value
User:Date:18-Apr-14 02:39:43 BST
Praise:Goods as described. Delivered when promised. Great ebayer and highly recommend
User:Date:18-Apr-14 01:33:47 BST
Praise: very happy with my product :)
User:Date:18-Apr-14 01:33:39 BST
Praise: very happy with my product :)
User:Date:18-Apr-14 00:29:56 BST
Praise:Fast delivery. Thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:42:33 BST
Praise:Quick dispatch and delivery - good seller!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:42:33 BST
Praise:Quick dispatch and delivery - good seller!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:29:57 BST
Praise:been looking for this for ages so I bought 3 A+
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:29:56 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:29:55 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:28:00 BST
Praise:Great item thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:27:27 BST
Praise:great quality nail polish liner-great delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:03:29 BST
Praise:Pleasure to do business with
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:03:07 BST
Praise:Very satisfied
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:02:48 BST
Praise:Very good seller
User:Date:17-Apr-14 22:56:01 BST
Praise:Fab seller, speedy delivery thank you xx
User:Date:17-Apr-14 22:47:23 BST
Praise:Great ebayer quick delivery great product thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 22:10:31 BST
Praise:Excellent Ebayer, Great Item Thank You A++++
User:Date:17-Apr-14 22:05:33 BST
Praise:lovely colour. thanks!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 22:03:16 BST
Praise:Delivered quickly. Love the colour. Thanks!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:54:46 BST
Praise:A pleasure doing business with you , thank you :)
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:54:31 BST
Praise:Fast delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:54:04 BST
Praise:Happy customer *****
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:53:48 BST
Praise:Thank you for sending so fast , a pleasure doing business with you :)
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:47:47 BST
Praise:Perfect!.Thankyou for quick delivery.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:37:14 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:29:04 BST
Praise:Happy with the item, fast delivery, well packed- Thank You, A+++
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:28:23 BST
Praise:Quick delivery, I would order again
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:26:57 BST
Praise:Received. Thank you. Great product
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:23:01 BST
Praise:a++ seller fast delivery great item
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:22:20 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:17:16 BST
Praise:Great eBayer, just as described THANKS
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:14:43 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:06:29 BST
Praise:perfect item
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:04:23 BST
Praise:Arrived quickly, many thanks!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:51:49 BST
Praise:A* eBayer
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:47:13 BST
Complaint:Disappointed- mascara was very dry and unusable
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:32:47 BST
Praise:Great seller
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:25:52 BST
Praise:Thank you!fast delivery!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:24:15 BST
Praise:quick delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:12:25 BST
Praise:Great thankyou
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:08:21 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:07:18 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:01:18 BST
Praise:Thank you :-) very fast delivery A++++++
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:55:39 BST
Praise:first class service will use again
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:43:43 BST
Praise:Thankyou so much for a very easy transaction ! Superfast delivery too
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:37:53 BST
Praise:will be back for more
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:34:04 BST
Praise:just as described and very fast delivery. thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:33:08 BST
Praise:great item and price. just as described and very fast delivery. thank you.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:32:28 BST
Praise:just as described and very fast delivery. thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:31:47 BST
Praise:just as described and fast delivery. thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:25:28 BST
Praise:Very nice
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:24:02 BST
Praise:Very nice
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:08:56 BST
Praise:very speedy delivery great price thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:02:38 BST
Praise:Good item. Highly recommended
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:57:11 BST
Praise:Thanks , great service.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:49:19 BST
Praise:Great item, super fast delivery - Thank you!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:48:16 BST
Praise:Great item!! On time postage thanks...
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:44:29 BST
Praise:Great concealer, came quick, good price to, thanx.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:42:45 BST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:32:58 BST
Praise:Fast delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:32:26 BST
Praise:Fast delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:32:02 BST
Praise:Lovely product, fast delivery!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:22:47 BST
Praise:Very happy
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:22:14 BST
Praise:Very happy
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:11:12 BST
Praise:excellent purchase very pleased thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:07:10 BST
Praise:Fast delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 17:58:14 BST
Praise:Have used before and will again


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