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General Interest
User:Date:16-Oct-17 21:30:36 BST
User:Date:16-Oct-17 21:27:13 BST
User:Date:16-Oct-17 20:32:43 BST
Praise:good service
User:Date:16-Oct-17 20:11:56 BST
User:Date:16-Oct-17 20:05:41 BST
Praise:Brilliant Thank you 😊
User:Date:16-Oct-17 19:44:45 BST
Praise:Excellent e-bayer, fast transaction and as described ++++
User:Date:16-Oct-17 18:59:25 BST
Praise:Quick delivery and very nice seller i recommended
User:Date:16-Oct-17 18:24:11 BST
Praise:Quick delivery. Pleasure to do business with A+++++ ebayer
User:Date:16-Oct-17 16:19:21 BST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:16-Oct-17 10:08:02 BST
Praise:Item as requested. Fast delivery with no encountered problems
User:Date:16-Oct-17 09:07:21 BST
Neutral:tried to take more money, add states rigid or sticker.
User:Date:15-Oct-17 21:42:34 BST
Praise:Many thanks for the easy deal.
User:Date:15-Oct-17 19:32:52 BST
Praise:Excellent thank you A+++
User:Date:15-Oct-17 18:46:59 BST
Praise:Thank you A****
User:Date:15-Oct-17 17:37:14 BST
Praise:Great item, fast delivery A++
User:Date:15-Oct-17 16:43:41 BST
Praise:Fab, very fast delivery!
User:Date:15-Oct-17 16:43:29 BST
Praise:Fab, very fast delivery!
User:Date:15-Oct-17 14:15:28 BST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:14-Oct-17 23:29:11 BST
Praise:Excellent Service, Great Product, A ***************
User:Date:14-Oct-17 19:27:30 BST
Praise:All great, thank you
User:Date:14-Oct-17 17:24:06 BST
Praise:very fast service, thank you
User:Date:14-Oct-17 17:06:34 BST
Praise:Brilliant speedy delivery.
User:Date:14-Oct-17 17:05:37 BST
Praise:Brilliant speedy delivery.
User:Date:14-Oct-17 16:39:30 BST
Praise:great item and fast postage really good for model making
User:Date:14-Oct-17 11:03:31 BST
Praise:Chips arrived Wednesday. Very fast dispatch and delivery. Many thanks. 10/10
User:Date:14-Oct-17 07:54:25 BST
Praise:Arrived okay and on time
User:Date:13-Oct-17 14:32:21 BST
Praise:great seller...dispatched very quickly
User:Date:13-Oct-17 14:30:25 BST
Praise:Really strong tape, use it all the time in my crafting
User:Date:13-Oct-17 14:20:20 BST
User:Date:13-Oct-17 11:29:15 BST
Praise:great thanks
User:Date:13-Oct-17 10:47:15 BST
Praise:Perfect thanks
User:Date:13-Oct-17 09:37:25 BST
Praise:Great item thank you
User:Date:13-Oct-17 08:10:20 BST
Praise:Great seller. Thank you
User:Date:13-Oct-17 07:27:28 BST
Praise:A Perfect Transaction, many thanks. AAA+++
User:Date:12-Oct-17 19:26:24 BST
Praise:As described and delivered as promised
User:Date:12-Oct-17 17:09:42 BST
Praise:Good vfm
User:Date:12-Oct-17 12:33:20 BST
Praise:Excellent product, price and delivery
User:Date:12-Oct-17 12:21:24 BST
Praise:Arrived next day - great service and product
User:Date:12-Oct-17 11:15:52 BST
Praise:Quick delivery and not damaged at all
User:Date:11-Oct-17 22:42:13 BST
User:Date:11-Oct-17 21:55:04 BST
Praise:Received with thanks
User:Date:11-Oct-17 17:30:29 BST
Praise:Great value and quick delivery super!
User:Date:11-Oct-17 14:51:00 BST
Praise:Perfect service & Great product - thank you
User:Date:11-Oct-17 13:06:27 BST
Praise:Good eBayer
User:Date:11-Oct-17 13:03:25 BST
Praise:Good eBayer
User:Date:11-Oct-17 11:45:24 BST
Praise:Great service.
User:Date:11-Oct-17 09:59:50 BST
Praise:Super service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
User:Date:11-Oct-17 04:27:38 BST
Praise:Very happy. Thanks.
User:Date:11-Oct-17 04:27:04 BST
Praise:Very happy. Thanks.
User:Date:10-Oct-17 20:42:07 BST
Praise:Excellent Ebayer
User:Date:10-Oct-17 19:32:48 BST
Praise:Item arrived quickly and as described
User:Date:10-Oct-17 19:23:07 BST
Praise:Great fast service
User:Date:10-Oct-17 17:31:51 BST
Praise:Goods as described, delivered promptly, good comms, would recommend
User:Date:10-Oct-17 14:11:52 BST
Praise:Great Ebayer. Thanks!
User:Date:10-Oct-17 13:03:00 BST
User:Date:10-Oct-17 12:16:03 BST
Praise:received with thanks,...
User:Date:10-Oct-17 09:47:38 BST
Praise:as described althhough a 2 day's late
User:Date:09-Oct-17 22:35:52 BST
Praise:Prompt dispatch. Good Comms, great item. AAA+++
User:Date:09-Oct-17 17:31:15 BST
User:Date:09-Oct-17 16:27:04 BST
Praise:great service thanks
User:Date:09-Oct-17 15:24:48 BST
Praise:excellent product and delivery
User:Date:09-Oct-17 15:14:59 BST
Praise:Spot on
User:Date:09-Oct-17 12:42:49 BST
Praise:Great Service as Always, Fantastic Boxes and Good Value, Quick Delivery.
User:Date:09-Oct-17 12:20:42 BST
Praise:Excellent, quick delivery, as described
User:Date:09-Oct-17 11:11:37 BST
Praise:Great, thank you
User:Date:09-Oct-17 11:11:36 BST
Praise:Great, thank you
User:Date:09-Oct-17 08:57:08 BST
User:Date:09-Oct-17 07:16:26 BST
Praise: Great Ebayer! Thank you x
User:Date:08-Oct-17 23:32:19 BST
Praise:Great seller A+ will buy from again
User:Date:08-Oct-17 20:39:45 BST
User:Date:08-Oct-17 19:10:29 BST
Praise:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️seller thanks
User:Date:08-Oct-17 17:14:30 BST
Praise:Super fast delivery once again, terrific seller, many thanks A++++++++++++++
User:Date:08-Oct-17 15:55:11 BST
Praise:A+++++++++ splendid exactly as described thanks! xxxxx
User:Date:07-Oct-17 19:47:28 BST
Praise:Print quality poor, but seller was quick to refund purchase, So 5*'s for that.
User:Date:07-Oct-17 18:04:33 BST
Praise:Great item fast postage thanks
User:Date:07-Oct-17 17:30:35 BST
Praise:Fantastic service, would buy again.
User:Date:07-Oct-17 12:27:01 BST
Praise:Excellent seller
User:Date:07-Oct-17 11:52:11 BST
Praise:Just as required and exactly as described. Would have preferred face adhesive
User:Date:07-Oct-17 10:18:30 BST
Praise:Many Thanks
User:Date:07-Oct-17 10:18:25 BST
Praise:Many Thanks
User:Date:06-Oct-17 21:40:06 BST
User:Date:06-Oct-17 21:29:07 BST
Praise:Good service
User:Date:06-Oct-17 20:08:50 BST
Praise:Came before del time so very happy :)
User:Date:06-Oct-17 18:03:04 BST
Praise:Exactly as described. Many thanks
User:Date:06-Oct-17 18:03:04 BST
Praise:Exactly as described. Many thanks
User:Date:06-Oct-17 17:41:55 BST
Praise:Exactly as described and quick delivery. Many thanks
User:Date:06-Oct-17 16:52:10 BST
Praise:Arrived in timely manner. Well packed. Will buy again. Thanks.
User:Date:06-Oct-17 16:40:34 BST
Praise:received item 06/10/2017 good packaging brilliant seller from a repeat customer
User:Date:06-Oct-17 13:01:41 BST
Praise:Great item, thank you! Recommended Seller A***
User:Date:06-Oct-17 10:57:54 BST
Praise:Spot on thanks
User:Date:06-Oct-17 07:48:04 BST
Praise:Chips have arrived. Very fast dispatch and delivery. Many thanks. 10/10
User:Date:05-Oct-17 21:31:01 BST
Praise:Exellent product. Many thanks
User:Date:05-Oct-17 20:59:16 BST
Praise:hassle free transaction, great product a credit to e bay - thank you
User:Date:05-Oct-17 20:41:59 BST
Praise:Very pleased with product and service
User:Date:05-Oct-17 17:37:39 BST
Praise:Very good product thanks
User:Date:05-Oct-17 17:25:40 BST
Praise:Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended. ICLICKTOOLS
User:Date:05-Oct-17 16:09:27 BST
User:Date:05-Oct-17 07:59:05 BST
Praise:Great Seller. Item as described. A1+++++++++++++++++++++++++
User:Date:04-Oct-17 20:41:04 BST
Praise:Excellent eBayer, superb product, will defo use again. Thank you 5*
User:Date:04-Oct-17 20:10:50 BST
Praise:Definitely will buy again, amazing product 👌🏼
User:Date:04-Oct-17 15:11:27 BST
Praise: excellent product. Thankyou
User:Date:04-Oct-17 12:33:41 BST
Praise:Brilliant seller - 5 star service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - higher Recommended 👍
User:Date:04-Oct-17 12:23:21 BST
Praise:Great item.Love it!Quick delivery.Highly recommended.Thank you
User:Date:04-Oct-17 11:00:06 BST
Praise:Received with thanks.great item
User:Date:04-Oct-17 10:57:59 BST
Praise:Very happy with item and service
User:Date:04-Oct-17 07:31:06 BST
Praise:Delivered on time and as advertised
User:Date:03-Oct-17 21:51:25 BST
Praise:Excellent product, and fast delivery. Thank you
User:Date:03-Oct-17 16:49:22 BST
Praise:Excellent thanks!
User:Date:03-Oct-17 16:48:50 BST
Praise:Excellent thanks!
User:Date:03-Oct-17 16:13:17 BST
Praise:great quality and delivered on time thank you
User:Date:03-Oct-17 16:13:17 BST
Praise:great quality item
User:Date:03-Oct-17 16:13:16 BST
Praise:great quality item
User:Date:03-Oct-17 15:31:54 BST
Praise:Delivered quickly! Thanks!
User:Date:03-Oct-17 15:05:39 BST
Praise:Great item with super fast delivery A**********
User:Date:03-Oct-17 10:29:31 BST
Praise:great thanks
User:Date:03-Oct-17 06:29:15 BST
Praise:Great seller A+ will buy from again
User:Date:02-Oct-17 23:16:13 BST
Praise:great deal, thanks
User:Date:02-Oct-17 21:10:31 BST
Praise:Lovely, thanks very much, very pleased :-)
User:Date:02-Oct-17 19:22:07 BST
Praise:Nice sign. Quick delivery. Thanks : )
User:Date:02-Oct-17 18:25:44 BST
Praise:9Thankyou will defernatly use again
User:Date:02-Oct-17 16:50:28 BST
Praise:Item as described. Thanks
User:Date:02-Oct-17 16:39:33 BST
Praise:Quick delivery. Thanks
User:Date:02-Oct-17 14:44:45 BST
Praise:fast delivery good quality
User:Date:02-Oct-17 14:44:44 BST
Praise:fast delivery good quality
User:Date:02-Oct-17 14:43:56 BST
Praise:good item
User:Date:02-Oct-17 14:42:59 BST
Praise:fast delivery good quality thank you
User:Date:02-Oct-17 14:03:23 BST
Praise:1st class service
User:Date:02-Oct-17 12:15:25 BST
Praise:great product, great service
User:Date:02-Oct-17 12:15:25 BST
Praise:great product, great service
User:Date:02-Oct-17 12:15:25 BST
Praise:great product, great service
User:Date:02-Oct-17 12:15:24 BST
Praise:great product, great service
User:Date:02-Oct-17 12:09:03 BST
Praise:Good sticker, fast delivery thank you
User:Date:02-Oct-17 12:08:43 BST
Praise:good service
User:Date:02-Oct-17 10:53:23 BST
Praise:Quick delivery and as described! Fantastic seller
User:Date:02-Oct-17 10:04:11 BST
Praise:Would buy again A++
User:Date:02-Oct-17 09:35:22 BST
Praise:SUPER Thanks
User:Date:01-Oct-17 22:15:35 BST
Praise:good item as described
User:Date:01-Oct-17 18:38:15 BST
Praise:as described *****
User:Date:01-Oct-17 17:41:58 BST
Praise:Fast delivery,well packed. Very good Ebayer!
User:Date:01-Oct-17 14:16:19 BST
Praise:Good quality sign thank you
User:Date:01-Oct-17 10:25:39 BST
Praise:Fabulous service, sorted out the error really quickly,great product many thanks
User:Date:01-Oct-17 09:55:21 BST
Praise:Very good seller - Just as described and fast delivery - Many Thanks
User:Date:01-Oct-17 00:28:46 BST
Praise:Good price, very happy
User:Date:01-Oct-17 00:25:27 BST
Praise:Good price, very happy
User:Date:30-Sep-17 22:42:04 BST
Praise:As described
User:Date:30-Sep-17 16:09:05 BST
Praise:Fast dispatch many thanks
User:Date:30-Sep-17 15:52:52 BST
Praise:Thanks received
User:Date:30-Sep-17 15:28:44 BST
Praise:Excellent item, excellent service, well recommended!!!
User:Date:30-Sep-17 14:05:45 BST
Praise:Fab item .many thanks
User:Date:30-Sep-17 13:30:47 BST
Praise:Good price and fast delivery. Thanks!
User:Date:30-Sep-17 12:17:19 BST
Praise:A++ seller thanks fast delivery, thank you.
User:Date:29-Sep-17 17:04:34 BST
Praise:Fast delivery.
User:Date:29-Sep-17 14:21:42 BST
Praise:item as described, arrived quickly, thanks.
User:Date:29-Sep-17 13:55:56 BST
Praise:All round 5* service. Thank you.
User:Date:29-Sep-17 13:08:32 BST
Praise:A++++ thanks
User:Date:29-Sep-17 11:04:05 BST
Praise:Good product. as described. good price
User:Date:29-Sep-17 10:25:46 BST
Praise:Thanks received
User:Date:29-Sep-17 09:59:35 BST
Praise:Great stuff, well packed, thanks!
User:Date:29-Sep-17 09:29:41 BST
User:Date:29-Sep-17 07:52:35 BST
Praise:it is ok
User:Date:28-Sep-17 21:31:45 BST
Praise:Great service thanks
User:Date:28-Sep-17 12:50:35 BST
User:Date:28-Sep-17 12:19:48 BST
Praise:excellent transaction. thank you from The Real Camera Company
User:Date:28-Sep-17 09:26:40 BST
Praise:excellent ebayer - 10/10 + AAA = HIGHLY RECOMMEND
User:Date:28-Sep-17 08:54:55 BST
Praise:Pleased with item
User:Date:27-Sep-17 23:02:31 BST
User:Date:27-Sep-17 18:53:55 BST
Praise:thanks :)
User:Date:27-Sep-17 18:45:52 BST
Praise:Just what was needed. Thanks.........................​...........................
User:Date:27-Sep-17 18:45:06 BST
Praise:Just what I needed. Thanks.........................​.............................
User:Date:27-Sep-17 16:18:22 BST
Praise:A* seller
User:Date:27-Sep-17 13:44:09 BST
Praise:Great thanks! Recommended seller!
User:Date:27-Sep-17 13:04:36 BST
Praise:Excellent service many thanks
User:Date:27-Sep-17 10:59:35 BST
Praise:Fantastic service, thank you!
User:Date:27-Sep-17 10:29:51 BST
Praise:1st Class seller, highly recomend
User:Date:27-Sep-17 08:56:48 BST
Praise:Perfect, thank you x
User:Date:26-Sep-17 21:31:36 BST
Praise:Mega quick delivery great product fantastic price !!!
User:Date:26-Sep-17 20:44:29 BST
Praise:Great seller very fast delivery
User:Date:26-Sep-17 19:20:39 BST
Praise:Swift delivery, no problems.
User:Date:26-Sep-17 19:02:48 BST
Praise:Speedy delivery. Thanks
User:Date:26-Sep-17 19:02:36 BST
Praise:Speedy delivery. Thanks
User:Date:26-Sep-17 19:02:25 BST
Praise:Speedy delivery. Thanks
User:Date:26-Sep-17 18:30:16 BST
Praise:Great Seller no problems
User:Date:26-Sep-17 12:44:13 BST
Praise:Excellent service Highly recommended. Thanks
User:Date:26-Sep-17 08:44:20 BST
Praise:Excellent Seller, Highly Recommended
User:Date:26-Sep-17 07:43:36 BST
User:Date:25-Sep-17 23:54:46 BST
Praise:Great product, thank you.
User:Date:25-Sep-17 20:24:00 BST
Praise:Excellent ebayer AAAAAA++++++++
User:Date:25-Sep-17 17:44:12 BST
Praise:Good clock. Broken at the back but doesn't really matte
User:Date:25-Sep-17 15:44:22 BST
Praise:Excellent service
User:Date:25-Sep-17 14:46:47 BST
Praise:Great item
User:Date:25-Sep-17 14:46:46 BST
Praise:Great item
User:Date:25-Sep-17 14:46:46 BST
Praise:Great item
User:Date:25-Sep-17 14:01:23 BST
Praise:rec'd with thanks
User:Date:25-Sep-17 13:58:26 BST
Praise:excellent item recieved !! Many Thanks !!
User:Date:25-Sep-17 13:42:14 BST
Praise:Great item 5 stars
User:Date:25-Sep-17 13:38:36 BST
Praise:very good
User:Date:25-Sep-17 13:36:48 BST
Praise:Great ebayer!
User:Date:25-Sep-17 13:14:45 BST
Praise:As described, would recommend A**************
User:Date:25-Sep-17 10:25:31 BST
Praise:Great service and very good quality.
User:Date:25-Sep-17 09:58:50 BST
Praise:Great item good price and fast postage thank you