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How do I place an order?
Just click on the products you would like to buy and hit buy. If available you can also make us an offer on an eligible item.  Once the product is placed within your shopping cart and all you have to do is fill out your billing and shipping information and pay.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I DJ NOW accepts PayPal as the preferred payment method on eBay.

What if I don't like a product I purchased?
I DJ NOW has a 30-day guarantee on most of the products we sell. Please see our friendly return policy within the item listing for specific details.

Does I DJ NOW offer installation for bars and nightclubs?
I DJ NOW does offer installation services to all types of venues. If interested, please give us a call and we can set you up with a quote.

Can I demo the products you sell?
If you live within the Tri-State area, you can visit one of our two NY showrooms. We have a location in West Babylon and one in Fresh Meadows.

What do I need to start Djing?
To start DJing you need two decks whether they are two turntables or two CD players, a mixer, headphones and a way to amplify your sound whether they are powered speakers or passive speakers. I DJ NOW has the Compact DJ Package at $569.99 that has everything you need to start djíing out of the box!

I DJ NOW has an assortment of turntables from beginner DJ to the advanced DJ. For those looking for CD players, we recommend the DNS1200 system by Denon which offers key lock, looping and two hot starts as well as MIDI control over your favorite DJ software.

Do I need speakers and an amplifier?
Yes. What good is a DJ setup if you can't play your music to a crowd? I DJ NOW has an array of sound packages do parties ranging from 10 to 1000 people.

I saw a DJ at a club using his laptop. How can I use my laptop too?
You can use your laptop to DJ by using DJ software. Some popular titles are Serato Scratch Live and Traktor Scratch Pro. Both these programs allow you to use your turntables/CD turntables or a MIDI controller to manipulate the MP3's pr WAV's you have stored on your Mac or PC.

What is RMS?
RMS is the minimum power required to safely operate a speaker without causing any damage to its components or your amplifier.

How much power do I need for my speakers?
A good rule of thumb when matching any speakers to an amplifier is to double the RMS rating of the speaker. If your speaker is 300W RMS, you need an amplifier with AT LEAST 600W RMS. Sending too little power to your speakers will blow your speakers quicker than if you send it too much power.

What's the difference between a belt-drive and a direct drive turntable?
A direct drive turntable has a direct connection with the platter and the motor. This lends to the quick startup times and torque associated with a direct drive turntable. A belt-driven turntable has a motor that is attached to a belt that spins the platter.

Can I get a CD player that scratches?
Yes, I DJ NOW offers several CD players that offer scratch emulation. These include players from Denon, Pioneer, and American DJ. Look for a player that offers anti-shock, pitch bend and key lock. Anti shock is memory that prevents the unit from skipping. Pitch bend allows you to speed up or slow down a song to get it in sync with the track playing and key lock allows you to speed up a song without changing the pitch or key of the song.

What is DMX?
DMX is a language that allows the lighting, and you, to communicate. It enables the lighting operator to control individual aspects of the lights (such as color, gobo, position, speed, and whatever your particular DMX controlled light can do)

What does intelligent mean?
Intelligent can mean two things. The light is either strictly a linkable light (master slave) or it runs on DMX control. Either way, it generally means a light can be hooked up to work in-synch with another of the same kind.

Do I need fog?
The human eye does not see the actual light produced by the lighting effect. It sees what the light is reflected off of. If there is nothing in the air to reflect the light, you will not get beams of light going through the air, only the pattern created on the floor or wall. Many halls do not allow fog machines as it sets off the fire alarms. Some allow hazer machines as these produce a wispier smoke but work well enough to create the beam effect.

How much lighting do I need?
Your budget will almost always be the final determining factor here. In an ideal situation, four intelligent effects, a centerpiece, and two strobes is always a great start. Remember, the more you have to offer your client, the happier you can make them, and the more money you can make.

Do I need a full trussing system?
A full trussing system allows you flexibility, and great presentation. This is key to creating a successful party environment, as well as enabling you to create a great show for most rooms.

What are LED lights?
LED lights are lights that use Light Emitting Diodes to produce the light. These lights are lighter in weight, output little to no heat, and also use very little power. A powerful fixture may use 80 Watts maximum. These lights are fast becoming the norm in the DJ Industry and I DJ NOW has a vast array to choose from.