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About Us:

Fantasy Shoes started a few years back when I made a choice; I didn't know this choice would have have dramatic consequences. I bought some pairs of shoes. These pairs turned out to be the most important shoes in my life - they were the very foundation and cornerstone of my business, and my whole life as it is now.

At first it was a simple hobby that filled my mundane, routinely life with some, much needed, excitement. A year from the the purchase of those first, faithful pairs my life took an unexpected turn; I realized that through these shoes I can fulfill my dreams and bring a little happiness to many. This shop is the next step in what is the gradual creation of a business and life as a whole, for me and my family; for this is a family run business. So we invite you to join us in this journey, watch as this child of my dreams grows and flourishes. Watch with us as our dream to deliver some happiness to every womans heart becomes a wonderful reality through shoes, shoes that are not only afforadble, but gorgeous, unique and with flamboyant flair.

Every woman, no matter where she comes from, or who she is, deserves to be spoiled with simple, material beauty that, in actuality, means that much more. Shoes represent your inner character - be it edgy, daring, elegant, reserved to everything in between. They make you feel better about your image and, by extension, yourself as a person.

This is what this business is all about -
providing affordable bits of happiness wherever You go