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Discover The Benefits Window Films
Window Film is a glass treatment of high clarity multi layered polyester film that can be
applied in-situ to new and existing windows, glass doors and partitions.
With Window Film installed on your home or office, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that
only the highest quality window film can provide. Benefits such as:
Saves Energy
All window films help reduce heat transmission through glass. Depending on the
film selected, you can achieve up to 78 percent total solar energy rejection. When less
solar energy comes into your home or office building, your climate control system
doesn't have to work as hard. The result: significant savings on your energy bills.
Increases Comfort
With less heat from the sun coming through the glass, there is lower solar heat gain and
fewer hot spots, so building occupants can enjoy a more comfortable interior environment.
Reduces Glare
Glare reduction helps make an interior environment more comfortable, functional and
enjoyable because it allows occupants to watch television and view computer screens
with greater ease.
Improves Appearance
Window Films are available in a variety of light densities and colors ranging from
almost invisible to reflective colors which can complement a buildings décor or theme.
Resists Scratches
All window films are manufactured with a tough, scratch-resistant coating as a
standard feature, designed to reduce the risk of scratch damage during normal
handling and maintenance.
Improves Safety
Although standard solar films are not considered "safety & security" products, once they
bond to glass, they can help make that glass more shatter-resistant by holding broken
splinters and shards together in the event of accidental or storm-related breakage.
Reduces Fading
All window films help reduce fading of interior furnishings by blocking out as much
as 99% of harmful and damaging ultraviolet and up to 78 percent of total solar energy.
The exact degree of fade reduction depends on your specific film selection, as well as the
overall environment.
Ultra Violet & Fading
It is important to stress that no window film or glazing product can totally prevent or stop fading.It is generally accepted that ultraviolet radiation is responsible for roughly 40 percent to as much as 60 percent of all fading. Other factors that can contribute to fading are solar light energy, indoor artificial lighting, humidity and moisture, poor dye quality in fabric, chemical vapors in the air, and abuse.

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