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Books2anywhere started life in 2000 and have now spent over 10 years offering a wide selection of books at competitive prices. We are committed to maintaining excellent customer service and providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team who will always be happy to help. To do this, please click the “Ask a question” link located at the bottom of our listings.

User:Date:18-Apr-14 09:00:21 BST
Praise:Received safely, thank you.
User:Date:18-Apr-14 08:59:45 BST
Praise:All good, many thanks
User:Date:18-Apr-14 08:39:01 BST
Praise:Great item thanks
User:Date:18-Apr-14 08:26:00 BST
Praise:Item Great. Thanks
User:Date:18-Apr-14 07:55:03 BST
Praise:arrived today many thanks
User:Date:18-Apr-14 07:34:19 BST
Praise:As described, Many thanks
User:Date:18-Apr-14 07:24:08 BST
Praise:As described.
User:Date:18-Apr-14 05:49:10 BST
Praise:Item exactly as described. Took a while to come. Would use again
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:33:18 BST
Praise:Good condition and quick delivery x
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:21:24 BST
Praise:great thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 23:09:49 BST
Praise:Grea seller, thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 22:54:06 BST
Praise:Great and quick will use again
User:Date:17-Apr-14 22:47:16 BST
Praise:Quiet Slow in Delivery & Posting even wen asked for,early but got here in end.ta
User:Date:17-Apr-14 22:30:52 BST
Praise:Love these books thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:59:58 BST
Praise:great thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:37:30 BST
Praise:Good item.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:29:39 BST
Praise:Brilliant, Thanks very much!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:27:22 BST
Praise:Extremely happy with purchase and received in time for Easter. Thank you ++++
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:13:34 BST
Praise:Good service. Many thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:08:10 BST
Praise:Very good service
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:05:17 BST
Praise:Great service, thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 21:04:59 BST
Praise:recommended ebayer :) fast delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:55:12 BST
Praise:Delivered within time allocation.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:41:38 BST
Praise: Good service
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:36:25 BST
Praise:Thank you cheers
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:25:22 BST
Praise: Thank you x
User:Date:17-Apr-14 20:24:52 BST
Praise:Great item - thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:56:29 BST
Praise:Nice one!!!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:49:50 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:47:25 BST
Praise:Highly recommended *****
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:38:23 BST
Praise:A class ebayer excellent seller
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:29:38 BST
Praise:received today thanks *****
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:27:29 BST
Praise:A + service
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:18:21 BST
Praise:As described, well packaged and quick delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 19:06:55 BST
Praise:All good thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:45:58 BST
Praise:Great item. Great Ebayer. Thanks!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:40:20 BST
Praise:Super book. Very happy thanks.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:33:11 BST
Complaint:appalling! book never came; it took me nearly a month to recover my money
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:10:57 BST
Praise:great seller, fast delivery, recommended
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:06:53 BST
Praise:Great book - well packed and quickly received - thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 18:06:32 BST
Praise:Great eBayer
User:Date:17-Apr-14 17:53:46 BST
Praise:great seller, pleasure to deal with you, many thanks, A+++++++++
User:Date:17-Apr-14 17:53:25 BST
Praise:Perfect thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 17:53:21 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 17:39:39 BST
Praise:Item as described - prompt delivery - thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 17:34:48 BST
Praise:Excellent quality goods - would highly recommend +++++
User:Date:17-Apr-14 17:33:57 BST
Praise:fast shipment, book in great shape. thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 17:29:07 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 16:59:34 BST
Praise:good service thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 16:52:32 BST
Praise: Great Thanx & quick delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 16:08:15 BST
Praise:Great Item! Great Ebayer! Would highly recommend! A+
User:Date:17-Apr-14 16:06:49 BST
Praise:Brilliant condition fast delivery. Thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 16:05:41 BST
Praise:Very good sellers, would recommend.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 15:51:09 BST
Praise:Great seller, fast delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 15:50:57 BST
Praise:Perfect, thanks!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 15:45:15 BST
Praise:very nice thank you-
User:Date:17-Apr-14 15:16:36 BST
Praise:Thanks so much. Book is great. Delivery was good and very secure. A+++++
User:Date:17-Apr-14 15:08:01 BST
Praise:happy with goods and dispatch time
User:Date:17-Apr-14 15:04:55 BST
Praise:All OK.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 15:02:08 BST
Praise:Brilliant. This book helped me as much as it did my Grand-daughter and I'm 66
User:Date:17-Apr-14 14:55:36 BST
Praise:Fine and dandy :-)
User:Date:17-Apr-14 14:49:22 BST
Praise:As described and quick delivery
User:Date:17-Apr-14 14:15:26 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 14:14:43 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 14:05:08 BST
Praise:Fast despatch, Brilliant !!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 14:00:53 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 13:44:29 BST
Praise:Brilliant & fast dispatch and pleased with item. Thank you.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 13:29:36 BST
Praise:I mistakenly thought this was a book and cd. no 2xcd! My fault but content good
User:Date:17-Apr-14 13:27:37 BST
Praise:Really pleased, excellent book good price really pleased.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 13:22:54 BST
Praise:Fast delivery...gr8 seller
User:Date:17-Apr-14 13:08:26 BST
Praise:Super book,speedy delivery,many thanks.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 13:05:52 BST
Praise:Great eBayer - exactly as described
User:Date:17-Apr-14 12:53:10 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 12:51:25 BST
Praise: Thank you for an excellent service. Great ebayer great book!!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 12:48:45 BST
Praise:Sweet as a nut!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 12:13:28 BST
Praise:nice book
User:Date:17-Apr-14 12:05:02 BST
Praise:Perfect Thank you!!!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 11:57:59 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 11:57:58 BST
Praise:Great item, fast delivery. Thanks!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 11:24:02 BST
Praise:arrived safe thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 11:09:17 BST
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 10:56:12 BST
Praise:Arrived safe & sound , smooth transaction , no problems or issues , many thanks.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 10:52:33 BST
Praise:Great seller thankyou
User:Date:17-Apr-14 10:47:39 BST
Praise:just the job tnx
User:Date:17-Apr-14 10:42:36 BST
Praise:very happy with the item, thank you so much!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 10:28:59 BST
Praise:Everything perfect, thanks!!!
User:Date:17-Apr-14 10:14:18 BST
Praise:thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 10:12:34 BST
Praise:good seller and a nice item
User:Date:17-Apr-14 09:59:05 BST
Praise:thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 09:30:07 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 09:29:03 BST
Praise:book is fine and new
User:Date:17-Apr-14 09:22:04 BST
Praise:excellent tks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 09:21:34 BST
Praise:Fast service
User:Date:17-Apr-14 08:39:55 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 08:18:47 BST
Praise:Great ebayer
User:Date:17-Apr-14 08:08:39 BST
Praise:Thank you ,5 star seller
User:Date:17-Apr-14 07:27:00 BST
Praise:many thanks
User:Date:17-Apr-14 07:01:42 BST
User:Date:17-Apr-14 06:54:55 BST
Praise:Super fast delivery and great product. Would recommend seller. 5 star service.
User:Date:17-Apr-14 06:22:30 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 04:19:47 BST
Praise:Item received, thank you
User:Date:17-Apr-14 00:23:21 BST
Praise:great transaction thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 23:28:59 BST
Praise:Quick delivery... item great. Thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 22:57:44 BST
Praise:As described and delivered quickly, thanks.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 22:57:35 BST
Praise:As described and delivered quickly, thanks.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 22:35:24 BST
Praise:Arrived today, many thanks.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 22:26:52 BST
Praise:Thank you very much
User:Date:16-Apr-14 22:25:44 BST
Praise: I am delighted ! Thank you
User:Date:16-Apr-14 21:48:02 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 21:40:06 BST
Praise:Excellent condition and very fast delivery
User:Date:16-Apr-14 21:27:39 BST
Praise:nice item, good comms, very pleased..
User:Date:16-Apr-14 21:22:38 BST
Praise:Quick delivery, good quality
User:Date:16-Apr-14 21:02:01 BST
Praise:Nice item arrived very quickly. Thanks.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 20:40:46 BST
Praise:Great item, many thanks!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 20:21:33 BST
Praise:Great ebay seller. Good contact. Marvellous book. Recommended. Thank you.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 20:16:58 BST
Praise:excellent thankyou
User:Date:16-Apr-14 19:58:21 BST
Praise:Perfect. Thank you.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 19:48:18 BST
Praise:thank you
User:Date:16-Apr-14 19:40:44 BST
Praise:Pleased with purchase, thanks very much.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 19:40:12 BST
Praise: received - perfect thanks A++
User:Date:16-Apr-14 19:39:56 BST
Praise: received - perfect thanks A++
User:Date:16-Apr-14 19:23:27 BST
Praise:great deal !!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 19:09:22 BST
Praise:great book
User:Date:16-Apr-14 19:01:59 BST
Praise:Very Good Seller. Perfect Packing
User:Date:16-Apr-14 18:57:17 BST
Praise:Would recommend
User:Date:16-Apr-14 18:56:02 BST
Praise:great & fast delivery!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 18:52:14 BST
Praise:Fantastic, Very fast thank you!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 18:49:53 BST
Praise:Great, this makes eBay big fun!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 18:37:18 BST
Praise:Good delivery and condition.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 18:28:31 BST
Praise:Great service
User:Date:16-Apr-14 18:25:07 BST
Praise:Brilliant service, thanks A***
User:Date:16-Apr-14 18:01:12 BST
Praise:great price great del time thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 17:33:07 BST
Praise:As described, quick dispatch, excellent ebayer
User:Date:16-Apr-14 17:28:07 BST
Praise:Interesting book.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 17:13:11 BST
Praise:Brilliant seller. Item was exactly as it was described, recommended to everyone.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 16:02:37 BST
Praise:item arrived promptly and was as described. thanks!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 15:45:20 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 15:41:50 BST
Praise:lovely book for a present, many thanks!!!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 15:40:53 BST
Praise:excellent item arrived in perfect condition, thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 15:40:27 BST
Praise:Just Great!!!!!!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 14:42:50 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 14:42:06 BST
Praise:Lovely item, As described however arrived 48hrs later than estimated delivery.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 14:26:06 BST
Praise:A+ THANKS
User:Date:16-Apr-14 14:18:54 BST
Praise:Really good service! Recommended A+++
User:Date:16-Apr-14 14:01:49 BST
Praise:Arrived in top form thx
User:Date:16-Apr-14 14:00:22 BST
Praise:Very fast dispatch and delivery, thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 13:42:08 BST
Praise:Perfect, thanks.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 13:39:55 BST
Praise:fast delivery and great communication - highly recommended!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 13:33:34 BST
Praise:First class,many thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 13:03:38 BST
Praise:nice book. great ebayer !
User:Date:16-Apr-14 12:42:20 BST
Praise:lovely book, thank you.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 12:33:20 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 12:33:20 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 12:13:38 BST
Praise:Excellent seller, perfect item, fast dispatch!! Would deal with again, A*
User:Date:16-Apr-14 12:09:44 BST
Praise:Great Service, thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 11:18:52 BST
Praise:Great Seller !! ----- (ô\_!_/ô) ----- Top !! ----- (ô\_!_/ô)
User:Date:16-Apr-14 11:12:49 BST
Praise:Very happy thank you x
User:Date:16-Apr-14 11:03:22 BST
Praise:v prompt dleivery, thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 10:40:38 BST
Neutral:Perfect item but not exactly corresponding to the image of it
User:Date:16-Apr-14 10:38:12 BST
Praise:many thanks *****
User:Date:16-Apr-14 10:29:06 BST
Praise:It was in perfect condition.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 10:28:41 BST
Praise:Great ebayer 5 stars
User:Date:16-Apr-14 10:27:26 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 10:21:01 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 10:19:21 BST
Praise:Many thanks for a very smooth transaction. A++++++
User:Date:16-Apr-14 10:06:28 BST
Praise:Outstanding service in every respect.Thank you very much.5*****
User:Date:16-Apr-14 09:50:09 BST
Praise:Item in good condition, fast delivery.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 09:46:32 BST
Praise:good product
User:Date:16-Apr-14 09:46:15 BST
Praise:A 1 OK
User:Date:16-Apr-14 09:45:23 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 09:36:37 BST
Praise:Happy with item. Thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 09:28:11 BST
Praise:Great ebayer
User:Date:16-Apr-14 09:25:59 BST
User:Date:16-Apr-14 09:20:55 BST
Praise:Really quick delivery, lovely Easter gift.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 08:25:42 BST
Praise:excellent item, quick delivery
User:Date:16-Apr-14 08:12:02 BST
Praise:Very fast and serious. Thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 08:04:13 BST
Praise:perfect service!
User:Date:16-Apr-14 07:46:48 BST
Praise:all good thanks
User:Date:16-Apr-14 07:16:37 BST
Praise:Super eBay Seller. Thank You.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 05:30:42 BST
Praise:GREAT +++++
User:Date:16-Apr-14 00:38:45 BST
Praise:Very happy Thanks Excellent EBAYER A+++
User:Date:16-Apr-14 00:30:07 BST
Praise:Good service. Book not what I expected. It turned out to be a 30 page booklet
User:Date:16-Apr-14 00:28:03 BST
Praise:my recommendations as an ebayer;-)))new book,very good package,rel. fast deliver
User:Date:16-Apr-14 00:20:57 BST
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:16-Apr-14 00:20:25 BST
Praise:Very good service
User:Date:16-Apr-14 00:09:44 BST
Praise:Good overall
User:Date:16-Apr-14 00:08:29 BST
Praise:bargain thank you, would buy from again
User:Date:15-Apr-14 23:57:50 BST
Praise:Excellent first class
User:Date:15-Apr-14 23:19:19 BST
User:Date:15-Apr-14 23:09:47 BST
Praise:Great item, great value
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:48:59 BST
Praise:Great book,speedy delivery,thanks.
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:48:51 BST
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:36:07 BST
Praise:Book arrived promptly. Exactly as described.... Thanks
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:34:27 BST
Praise:Good object, well packed, fine ebayer
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:31:54 BST
Praise:Great items. Thanks
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:30:02 BST
Praise:Arrived very quickly. Very good condition
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:16:59 BST
Praise:A ***** ebayer
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:11:33 BST
Praise:excellent service
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:03:02 BST
Praise:Absolutely Perfect Thanks So Much
User:Date:15-Apr-14 22:01:23 BST
Praise:Thanks for the item.