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 Taking your Wig out of its packaging:

When you take your new Wig out of its packaging it will not look as it did in the catalogue - it has been specially packaged to hold its preset style.

  • Remove the Wig from the hair net and any tissue paper.
  • Place one hand inside the crown of the Wig and gently shake the Wig - this will help it to regain its original volume through 'waking up' the Wig fibres.
  • Using your fingertips (or a Wig pick), gently run your fingers through the hair and make final touch-ups.

Its is important that you do not brush curly or wavy Wigs as this can damage them.

If you are not going to be wearing your Wig straight away then be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight - the best way to keep the shape is to use a Wig stand - these can be purchased at a low cost from our ebay shop

Preparing to wear your Wig/Wearing your Wig:

  • No matter how long your natural hair is, we always recommend a Wig cap/retainer - these can be purchased in our Wig accessories section and will help hold your Wig securely in place. Wig caps are also useful for making the Wig feel more secure if you have little or no hair.
  • If you have short hair brush it back in the front, and up on the sides, then spray well with a good hold hair spray (do not get the hair spray on the Wig)
  • If you have longer natural hair, then pin your hair flat in 'flat pin curls', set these with hair spray evenly all over your head so that your Wig will lay flat once in place.
  • There is a label inside the Wig, this should be at the back of the Wig.
  • Our Wigs all have a standard head cap of 21", however there is an adjustable band inside the Wig which allows you to adjust up to 1" larger or smaller - adjust this up or down to fit your head exactly for maximum comfort and security.
  • Hold the Wig with one hand griping the back of the Wig, and the other hand holding the centre of the front hairline. Tilt your head forward and slide the Wig on from front to back. You should slide the Wig back until the front edge is even with your front hairline.
  • Most of our Wigs also have indents in the cap for your ears - when putting on the Wig ensure that these are aligned
 Basic Styling:

Experiment with your style to get the look that's right for you. Trying to get every hair in place can make your style look " wiggy ". Many of our Wigs just need a good shake and they're ready to wear. For our other styles, always use a good quality wig brush or pick comb. A regular comb or brush will stretch the wig fibres and loosen the curl. If you have chosen a wig with " styling flexibility," don't be afraid to try different looks using your wig styling brush or pick comb, To finish your style and hold it in place, use wig styling spray, if you wish to create a more textured and natural look, spray the wig with water then brush it through gently to get a modern effect. Never use regular hair spray, styling gels, and mousse - they will leave a film that attracts dirt and dust.

Your new look may take a few days to get used to, so don't be put off it you don't look as you imagined first time! Peresevere - ask the opinions of close friends or family, and look in the mirror at several different angles and in diffeent light.

  • Do not twist or brush your Wig while wet
  • Do not use heated appliances such as curling/straigtening irons on your Wig