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 Welcome to TUTORIAL STORE LTD eBay Shop. As a publisher, we specialise in tutorials for Yamaha Keyboards and Clavinovas. We also stock an extensive range of tutorials from other quality publishers including language tutorials, camera tutorials and more.

Tutorial CD Sets for Yamaha Tyros 2, PSR3000, Clavinovas and many more
Foreign Language tutorials French, Spanish, Italian, German (and more), including Michel Thomas French
All items 'brand new' unless explicitly described as otherwise.
You are purchasing from a reputable Publisher and industry recognised stockist.
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  • Why Audio for our Yamaha Tutorials
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Why Audio CD? and Customer Testimonials

Why Audio?

Audio CD was chosen after extensive trials with keyboard & digital piano owners.

Initially we thought the best way of teaching owners how to operate their instrument would be via video or DVD. Instead of forging ahead with this method, we decided to invite keyboard & digital piano owners in to conduct some trials. The willing volunteers were invited to try several methods of conveying information, including a test video that we created.

We observed the volunteers working with the video and it soon became obvious to us that looking away from their instrument was a distraction. As most modern keyboards & digital pianos have large display screens packed with information, it was understandable that trying to concentrate on a TV screen and the keyboard's screen at the same time was not so easy. At the same time the viewer was expected to keep up with the instruction. Time for us to have a rethink!

We decided to take away the visual aspect and trial spoken word instruction, again with a button by button approach. The results were instantaneous. Volunteers found that without the visual distraction, they could fully consentrate on following and absorbing the information. Also instead of falling into the trap of just watching someone else, they were fully involved in trying out the examples given. There and then we decided upon CD audio!

We would not wish to knock video or DVD as these are excellent mediums for portraying information. If you were wishing to purchase a keyboard, a sales DVD would be an excellent way of seeing and hearing what an instrument can do and of course would be very entertaining.

We were as surprised as anyone about the results of the trials, but decided to put 100% faith in them. We are so pleased that we did, because the feedback received from keyboard & digital piano owners about our guides since their launch has been overwhelming. We receive countless telephone calls from owners thanking us for enabling them to enjoy their instrument fully.

Customer Testimonials
Regarding our Yamaha Made Easy Tutorials

After much heart seaching I have finally traded my Technics GA3 organ for a
Tyros 2. I asked for and received your tutorial as part of the deal. It has
been worth its weight in Gold!! Thank you!!!

In your Reference Booklet you mention the possibility of getting a list of
all the features covered in each lesson track.  *I cannot see it it on your
website and wonder if it is still available for download or if you could
send the file as an email

I feel like Oliver Twist asking for more after experiencing the clear,
concise and very detailed tutorial.  I am a hale and hearty 80 year old who
has played many organs over many years but I have never had such a useful
introductory tool. It has enabled me to get into using the many features of
the Tyros 2 so quickly.

Thank you again


Fred Howarth - UK

*Reply to Fred Howarth by Simon Smith of Simon Smith Explanations Ltd
"Hi Fred, Thank you for your email and for your very kind comments. I am very pleased that you are enjoying exploring your Tyros 2 with our tutorial. The Tyros 2 is a fantastic keyboard! Please find attached the list of features covered in each lesson track. It is on the site (Tyros 2 page) but it's much easier to email and so please find attached 'Track_detail_Tyros2.pdf' which has all the info."

[Tyros 2 Made Easy] “I have received your tutorial discs and would like to thank you as I am very impressed with your service, the course's presentation and more so with their content which is extremely clear and straightforward.

Many thanks to you indeed.”
Sidney Rosenberg - Israel

Just a bit of feed back, I would have never have managed to learn the Tyros 2 without your CD's they are excellent!! Congratulations, on a great product.
Les Dixon- Australia

Greetings from the wild west,
After many fruitless attempts to find another Tyros owner in Arizona to share the miseries of studying the Tyros manual, I finally found your material. It has opened a whole new world of knowledge in understanding the power of this keyboard.

I am amazed at how complete the information is and how well it's presented.

It must have taken great dedication to put it all together. So far it has answered every question I've had, which were many. After completing the package I will be a better able to take advantage of some of the unbelievable features in this instrument.

As a contributor to several Forums I will be posting praise for you work.

Thank you for your efforts.
Richard Peck
The Great Gumball Music Machine
Tucson, AZ, USA


CDs arrived safely yesterday.  Although I have been playing the CVP since November, I have just done lesson 1 and learned two things I did not know! 

How clear and easy to understand you make it!

Well done!
John Bates UK

When I got my Yammie Tyros 2, I read and re-read the manual. Some of the chapters really frustrated me.  We all know the manual leaves a lot to be desired.  I found out that Simon Smith Explanations Ltd was getting ready to put out Tutorials for the T2, put my name on their list, and they notified me by e-mail when the CDs were hot off the press.  I made a direct call to them at their UK tel #, rather than wait until the CDs were for sale in the U.S.   I had a pleasant conversation with Mr Smith Senior, who took my order & was a great help with the conversion of the Pound verses US Currency. 

I planned to install the optional hard drive, so decided to order both sets of the Tutorials which came in a very nice cases.  I figured if a person was going to purchase a Tyros 2 Keyboard, the extra money for these Tutorials would be just a drop in the bucket.  There is also a "Quick Reference Booklet"  on some of the more intricate chapters, so you know just where you are rather than trying to locate it in the manual.  I can honestly recommend these Tutorials to any one who has the T2.  I have learned so much & am still learning.  When I have a question, no matter how dumb it may sound, or when I think Simon Smith may be tired of hearing from me, I always receive a prompt & pleasant answer.  I guarantee that even when you think you have something on your T2 all sussed out, you will be amazed by what you did NOT know after doing a few of these lessons.
Gypsy Hogue
Sterling , Alaska

Thank you for dealing with my order so promptly and keeping me informed.  I am impressed.  The parcel arrived today and, as we were expecting it to arrive about Monday or Tuesday, we were amazed.  The CD's are for my husband, who has just part exchanged his PSR 9000 for the Tyros 2, and he is really pleased.

Thanks again,
Mel Attwood.

"As owner of both a CVP-307 and a CVP-305, I feel very happy with Simon's tutorial. It provides the CVP-user with the needed, example-driven, knowledge of a very advanced and innovative digital piano. Each lesson, even those corresponding to an "easy" level, clearly describes a complete end-to-end user scenario, which would be very hard to extract or re-construct from the standard Yamaha user-manual that you get with the instrument. Therefore "easy level" does not at all mean "trivial usage", but always "useful result". The author claims that an audio-CD turns out to be more effective than a video-DVD in conveying the tuition to the learner. I have tried both. Simon got it! By listening and following step-by-step the explanations and exercises, you will get quite familiar with the complex CVP console, which, once cleverly and gradually addressed through the various "use cases", becomes a marvellous palette of functions (Yamaha designers did really a great job!) to implement the intended musical scenario. In particular, the interplay beetween console buttons and screen-display is described in detail by the author with extreme precision. Again, never would you get the same insight by merely reading throughout the standard Yamaha manual, which is truly instrument-centered, not user-centered. On the other hand, the author correctly points to the standard Yamaha manual topics to complete the knowledge of the single functions, once the usage context has been clearly identified. A last remark about the language used by Simon in the lessons: you needn't be a computer techie to understand it, you only need love your digital piano and follow your musical passion. To conclude: Simon's CVP-300 tutorial is a must-have for any serious CVP player."
Carlo Del Gracco
Rome, Italy

I've been working through the CVP training course. It's got to be said that it's amazing. I'm really impressed. It must have taken ages to work out. Well done.

The best thing about the training is actually the silence; there's time to find the button, think about what we're trying to do, press the button, see the response.

Like I say, well done.
David Waine

This is to let you know that the Tyros 2 information has arrived in perfect condition.  With many thanks and I look forward to having a lot of fun in the future. 

You should be employed by Yamaha.
Once again thank you for your wonderful service.
Bev Winter
New Zealand