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Combined Postage Discount

How does combined postage discount work?

Combined postage discount can only be applied when the following conditions are true;

1) Your items are all paid for on the same invoice. (when you make a purchase have to wait to pay until you have bought all the items required. ebay will then combine your invoices and send you a new total.)

2) You have more than one eligible item on the invoice. Eligible items have a delivery charge of over £3.

For UK orders the postage and packaging is completely free.

For International orders the first eligible item is charged at full delivery rate and we minus £3 from each subsequent eligible item.

International Example

You have bought three t-shirts. The delivery charge for these is £6.75 each. The first is charged at full rate, £6.75, and the second and third at the discount rate, £3.75. All items are eligible for discount.

Total delivery charge = £14.25