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Fitting Instructions

PDF Fitting Instructions

Please note all fitting instructions we provide may vary slightly depending on model. They are provided as guide, if you are unsure of instalation you should contact your local plumber or supplier during office hours.

1. Manual Concealed Shower Valve

2. Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve

3. Mono Bloc Kitchen / Basin Mixer Tap

4. Heated Towel Rails 

General Fitting Instructions

Safety information

This product must be installed by a competent person in accordance with all relevant Water Supply Regulations.
This product is suitable for domestic household use only.
All taps and showers are supplied complete with minimum of 6 month guarantee unless stated longer in advertisement.


Some modern fluxes can be extremely corrosive and if left in contact, will attack the working parts of this unit.
All soldering must be completed and the pipe work thoroughly flushed out in accordance with Water Supply Regulations prior to connection of the product.

Isolating valves

Suitable full way isolation valves such as gate valves must be fitted to both supplies in accordance with the Water Supply
Regulations and our terms of warranty.
Due to their restrictive characteristics, stopcocks and ball type valves that reduce the bore size must not be used on gravity installations.


This product is designed to control static pressure up to 5 bar. Where pressures are likely to exceed 5 bar a pressure reducing valve must be fitted into the incoming mains supply. A setting of 3 bar is recommended.
For optimum performance, minimum pressures of 1.0 bar is recommended unless stated in advertisement.
For optimum performance hot and cold pressures should be reasonably balanced, if under unbalanced water pressure conditions, a single check valve or some other no less effective backflow prevention device need to be fitted immediately upstream of both hot and cold water inlets


The product must not be used with a hot water supply temperature of over 65°C.
The hot supply should be on the left when viewed from the front of the fitting.
If you are unsure of how to fit this item, appoint a qualified registered plumber or contact your supplier.


Your tap or shower should be cleaned using only a soft cloth and washing up liquid.

Before Instalation

If the product is fitted with a ceramic inter changeable cartridge valve, the valve retainer bolt should be checked it is firmly in place to make sure the ceramic cartridge is securely in place to prevent leakage around.

Step-by-step instructions

Monobloc basin or kitchen tap

1. Fit the base O' ring in position if supplied (if mounting plate is supplied skip to 1.a)

1.a. Fit the base O' ring in position if supplied to the mounting plate and place the plate onto the tap body.

2. Fit the flexible hose into the tap body inlets and tighten by hand taking care not to overtighten.

3. Place the clamp bolt into position within the tap body and secure using a suitable tool (if two supplied secure both)

4. Feed the flexible hoses through the hole in the mounting surface and offer the mixer tap into position, ensuring the base O' ring remains in position. An minimum 35mm hole is usually required (some taps may require a 40mm hole)

5. Place the washer and clamp plate onto the tap assembly and secure to the underside of the mounting surface using a suitable tool. Ensure correct alignment of the mixer tap over the sink.

6. Connect the 1/2" flexible hoses to the supply inlets ensuring they are tightened firmly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Tap is dripping, or will not turn off fully
A: Possible debris on washer or seating. Remove valve, clean rubber washer and seating. Or, valve needs replacing.

Q: Taps discolouring or tarnishing:
To maintain the appearance of these fittings please ensure they are cleaned regularly using a clean soft damp cloth only. Abrasive cleaners or detergents must not be used as they may cause surface deterioration.

Q: Taps are noisy in use:
A: Mains pressure is too high. Reduce accordingly. NB a pressure-reducing valve may be required.

Q: Tap heads are loose:
A:Remove indice cap and tighten retaining screw. NB screw should be supplied with an anti rotational washer or have a serrated underside.

Q: Flow of water is poor:
A: If ceramic disc valve, make sure you have a minimum operating pressure (read recommended pressure on indivisual product) Or, If a standard screw down valve, make sure pipe work has been flushed through thoroughly before connecting to your water supply to remove any debris that may be restricting the flow.

Q: Spout appears loose:
A: Make sure grub screw at back of spout is tightened. Or, where the fixing mechanism is a nut, make sure this has been screwed down fully.

Q: Leaking from bottom of spout:
A: ‘O’ ring on spout has perished, or has been cut. Probably caused by pushing the spout into the main body before opening the grub screw fully at the back of the spout. Replace ‘O’ ring. Or, to loosen the grub screw and ensure spout is pushed fully into the main body to form a double seal. Retighten the grub screw.

Q: Tap heads are spinning freely on top of valve:
A: Plastic bush on spline has worn. Replace with new plastic bush.

Q: Water comes out of spout and handset at the same time:
A: Remove the diverter handle, unscrew the brass gland nut and replace the diverter assembly with a new spare. Re assemble diverter handle.

Q: Water comes out of spout and handset at the same time
A: Diverter washer could be damaged. Lift diverter knob and use a thin adjustable spanner. Locate on nut and unscrew diverter. Check washer on bottom and replace if damaged.

Q: I want to wall mount my bath shower mixer, how do I do this?
A: Please order a pair of wall mounted couplings (Usually supplied with mixer tap).

Q: Decorative base flange on tap body is catching on upstand on sanitary ware
A: Remove decorative base flange and re-fit the product.

Q: Shower handset is leaking, or damaged:
A: If leaking, check washer is still in place between handset and end of shower hose. Or If still leaking, or damaged, replace with new handset.

Q: Water coming out of handset and spout at same time:
A: Remove spout, lift diverter knob at back of spout and check diverter washer is still in place. Or, water pressure is too low, minimum pressure required is 1.0 bar (as recommended).

Q: Wall spout is loose or fitted off centre:
A: Make sure spout is fitted to ‘T’’ connector using enough P.T.F.E. tape (or other suitable sealant) to secure in position. Make sure spout is secured correctly within the wall cavity to avoid movement.

Q: Waste will not hold water
A: Check plug ‘O’ ring is not damaged. Or, check all thread on bottom of plug is set to correct height. Or possible fault with moulding on the waste hole in the basin bowl. Please ensure enough sealant is used between bowl and waste (washers only are not enough to seal some wastes).

Q: Pop up rod is not working:
A: Make sure rod connector is fitted correctly, and height of all thread on plug has been set correctly.

Q: Dripping Tap
A: The main cause of ceramic tap disc tap to drip is that the pipe work hasn’t been flushed of debris on installation. Remove headwork and valve and check ceramic discs for signs of scouring. If scouring or damage is evident, replace ceramic disc valve/cartridge.

Q: Showering temperature is not hot enough.
A: Ensure hot water supply is at least 60C. Make sure you have equal pressures. Check for airlocks in pipe work. Ensure there are no inverted U’s in any of the pipe work runs.

Q: Water goes cold during shower.
A: Insufficient hot water storage

Q: When shower is set at cold, the showering temperature is too hot.
A: Hot and cold supply connections have been made in reverse - re-connect correctly.

Q: Shower temperature is too hot (pumped shower).
A: Turn down the flow of hot water from the pump using the in-line isolator valve.

Q: Showering temperature is not hot enough.
A: Incoming pressure exceeds 5 bar - ensure you have fitted pressure reducing valve in the mains supply pipe. Ensure hot water supply is at least 60C.

Q: Valve is very noisy when in use.
A: Incoming pressure exceeds 5 bar - ensure you have fitted a pressure reducing valve in the mains supply pipe immediately after stopcock to premises.

Q: The water goes cold whilst showering.
A: Ensure the boiler is still firing. Adjust the boiler to the hottest output, not the best flow.