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  • Difficulty Seeing?
    Our large button mobile phones make it easy
    Mercury Easy TTfone
  • Hard of Hearing?
    Our phones have loud volume and ringers
    Neptune TTFone
  • Smartphone too complicated?
    TTfone models are easy and simple to set up and use
    Jupiter TTfone
  • Phone makes calls in your pocket?
    Flip phone avoids accidental pocket calls and has a camera
    Venus TTfone
  • Want great value?
    The new Mars phone is our best value senior phone
  • Fiddly charging sockets irritating?
    Docking chargers make it simple and easy to charge up your phone
  • Need more than one number?
    Our dual sim phone is simple and easy to use
    Dual TTfone
  • What is an SOS Emergency Button?
    The little button on the back of the phone can be a life saver, simply press and hold down the SOS button and the phone will sound a loud siren to alert others nearby that there is an emergency. The phone will then begin to send an emergency text message (eg "I need help please call me") to five stored numbers of family, friends doctors etc. After text messages are sent it will then start to call the numbers one by one till someone picks up.