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Bestfire Stoves Warranty

 Terms & Conditions

*Please note the Bestfire warranty is only valid when stoves are installed by a registered solid fuel HETAS engineer or has been sign off by building control local authorities.

*If a claim is made evidence of the HETAS installers data plate or building control certificate will need to be provided if claiming due to a defect in the stove’s function

What is Covered?

5 Year Cover – Cast Iron Body, Cast Iron Door, Air Inlets, Handles, Flue Collar and Legs.

3 Year Cover – Steel Boiler Tank and Welding 

12 Months Cover – Throat Plate, Rope Seals, Firebricks, Grate and Riddling Arm.

What is not Covered?

Not Covered – Stove Glass is not covered, this is a fragile wear and tear item and is the responsibility of the user to ensure it is kept from damage when operating and maintaining the stove.

Accidental Damage – Any parts which have been damaged by the user will not be covered under warranty and will be the responsibility of the user to replace.

Labour Costs – Labour is not covered under this warranty. However we reserve the right to decide whether labour costs can be applicable to a claim.

This warranty does not cover any scratches, corrosion or discolouration caused by over firing, abrasives or chemical cleaners. Any defect or damage caused by the use of unauthorised parts voids this warranty.

Warranty Zones – The full Warranty for Bestfire is limited to England, Scotland & Wales Mainland Only. Customers in the Islands, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Europe and Any other country will be responsible for carriage difference to these zones. Bestfire Stoves reserves the right to limit it’s liability to carriage within England, Scotland and Wales. It is at the risk of the buyer to take the product outside of this Zone.

How do I claim on the Warranty?

All claims need to be in writing, these much be sent to your dealer where you purchased your stove.

Photos are required to provide supporting evidence/information to be able to deal with your claim quickly and with clarity.

Please state the following information when you claim;

1: Invoice Reference & Date

2: What is the problem in detail and how and when did it occur.

3: When and who installed the fire.

4: Any building control or HETAS certificate reference.

5: Pictures or Evidence where possible.


Installation & Building Regulations

Any service call related to an improper installation is not covered by this warranty. Please note the Bestfire warranty is only valid when stoves are installed by a registered solid fuel HETAS engineer or has been signed off by building control local authorities.


If a claim is made, we reserve the right to request evidence of the copy of the HETAS certificate or building control certificate. If these documents are not available, we reserve the right to invalidate the warranty in these conditions.


Please ensure that you have these details available before requesting a warranty


Return Process


Returned stoves are to be shipped and prepaid to Bestfire Stoves for investigation. If a stove is found to be defective, the manufacturer will repair or replace such defect. Repair work covered by the warranty, executed at the purchaser’s house by an authorised qualified technician requires the prior approval of Bestfire Stoves. Labour cost and repair work to the account of the manufacturer are based on predetermined rate schedule and must not exceed the wholesale price of the replacement part.



Bestfire Stoves reserve the right to replace the stove with a stove of similar value if the original is beyond economic repair and no longer in production, we will consult you with possible choices in this instance.

Limit to Liability


Bestfire Stoves at its discretion may decide to repair or replace any part or stove after inspection and investigation of the defect. The manufacturer may, at its discretion, fully discharge all obligations with respect to this warranty by refunding the wholesale price of any warranted but defective parts. Bestfire Stoves shall in no event be responsible for any special, indirect, consequential damages of any nature, which are in excess of the original purchase price of the stove.

To the extent permitted by law, this guarantee is limited to the cost of the replacement faulty part or the free of charge replacement of the part; and does not cover any further consequential losses arising.