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Shelf Space is one of the UK’s leading Distributors of pallet racking systems, with a long standing reputation for product quality, technical back-up and first class customer service.

Pallet racking comes in all sorts of configurations, but the importance of getting the basics right is the key to any pallet racking project. For safe and efficient operation, racking systems must be designed to fit and function with both the handling equipment and the load.

We not only offer a superb range of pallet racking systems, we have the products to complete your turn key project, which include: Shelving systems, Mezzanine Floors, Partitioning & Ceilings, Conveyors, Warehouse Identification, barriers and much more.

PalletOur dedicated team of specialists will work with you through all the stages of the project, providing detailed design, construction, supply, installation and commissioning to meet

We aim to provide a friendly and professional advice. If you have any questions or need advice, either email, fax or phone us and we will do our very best to help you...


Tel: 01444 220291

Fax: 01273 891547

Racking systems available include:


Our Adjustable pallet racking system is one of the most widely used storage system for all palletised and non-palletised loads, available today. Single or double sided runs of racking are separated by wide aisles which can be sized to suit the customer’s existing fork-lift trucks.

  • 100% accessibility to individual pallets
  • High degree of system adjustability to suit any pallet type and maximise all available space
  • Use of conventional fork-lift trucks
  • Easy to install or reposition
  • Good occupancy rates can be achieved


By allowing fork trucks to operate in aisle up to half the width required in conventional adjustable beam pallet racking, Narrow Aisle pallet racking makes excellent use of floor space and maximises the height at which goods can be stacked.

Using specialist lift trucks in either ‘man-down’ or ‘man-up’ variants, narrow aisle pallet racking is precision designed for safe, efficient load handling within the tight confines of these space-efficient aisles.


A variant on standard pallet racking, Double Deep pallet racking, as the name implies, allows pallets to be stored two deep but still accessible from the same aisle, By reducing the number of access aisle and using the space saved to accommodate additional racking, a Double Deep pallet racking system provides a highly space-efficient storage system.

Although the speed of access to all of the pallet positions is restricted, with an efficient stock management system this still can easily be compensated for to take full advantage of the increased storage density.



Effectively utilising floor and cubic space dynamic push back racking is amongst the most space efficient pallet racking storage systems available.


Carton live storage or ‘flow racking’ operates on the same principle as pallet live storage, but is used for stock which needs to be hand-loaded and picked.


Working on a ‘first-in, first-out’ basis, dynamic live pallet racking provides extremely high levels of storage density in a given area. Pallets are loaded onto dedicated lanes of inclined gravity feed rollers which are set at a fixed gradient. When a load is taken from the picking face, the next pallet rolls into position, with replenishment stock loaded at the opposite (upper) end of the lane.


Using minimal space for access aisles and lanes, Drive-In Pallet racking provides a high-density and very space efficient bulk storage system. With the first pallet into a lane being last out, stock selectivity is restricted, but this system is particularly suitable when loads are delivered and despatched in batches. Pallets are stored on runners in the depth of the racking and trucks enter to deposit or retrieve loads.


Whilst providing the ideal means of storing palletised loads, the versatility of our pallet racking means large, bulky or simply awkward to store items can be accommodated using the most accessible and space efficient methods.


Barrier Rails, Upright protectors and Bollards, helping to make your working environment safer

  • Barriers comply with today’s Health & Safety regulations
  • As well as protecting racking, barriers segregate and protect lift truck battery chargers, vending machines, conveyors, factory or warehouse offices
  • Demarcate pedestrian areas and doorways



The Anti-Collapse Mesh Partitioning represents a simple preventative measure, which has helped avoid accidents in the handling of pallets. The mesh wire is mounted on sturdy brackets designed to fit racking of almost any design. Anti-collapse mesh can be adpated to suit a wide variety of situations


We are able to offer a comprehensive range of accessories to compliment our range of Pallet Racking.

These include:

Upright Protectors, Steel Shelf Panels, Pallet Foot Supports, Shelf Supports, Fork Spacers, Drum Chocks, and Barrier Rails

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