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We are a leading manufacturer of Liquid Vehicle Wrap Paints all designed and developed using our own formulation.

Liquid spray wrapping is the new easy-to-use alternative to vinyl wraps. Liquid spray wrap is applied like paint which gives you perfect a perfect smooth even finish, unlike vinyl wraps which if not applied perfectly can have problems with bubbles, puckering and misalignment, liquid spray wrapping gives you a professional smooth texture free wrapped finish every time. We hold a comprehensive range of colours in stock and are able to offer a bespoke colour service as required.

By following our simple advice and guidelines your car can receive the makeover of its life – why not try our product today.

User:Date:27-Nov-15 22:52:41 GMT
Praise:Great product and service, thanks!
User:Date:17-Sep-15 19:25:19 BST
Praise:V good
User:Date:10-Aug-15 09:45:16 BST
Praise:Second time ordering, such Fast delivery
User:Date:25-Jan-15 13:32:13 GMT
Praise:Great seller, no problems at all
User:Date:17-Jan-15 03:54:43 GMT
User:Date:31-Dec-14 16:56:28 GMT
Praise:Fantastic item a+++++
User:Date:21-Dec-14 15:49:48 GMT
User:Date:21-Dec-14 15:49:39 GMT
User:Date:18-Dec-14 14:44:43 GMT
Praise:quick delivery, great item, thanks! A++
User:Date:15-Dec-14 15:34:48 GMT
Complaint:Never received item, no reply to messages, eBay case for refund, NOT HAPPY :(
User:Date:11-Dec-14 13:14:22 GMT
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:10-Dec-14 20:24:13 GMT
Praise:All good, thanks
User:Date:09-Dec-14 17:26:05 GMT
Praise:Many Thanks! A+++++
User:Date:04-Dec-14 19:14:00 GMT
Praise:Quick delivery, thanks.
User:Date:01-Dec-14 21:07:52 GMT
Praise:not used it yet but mega service thanks
User:Date:01-Dec-14 19:24:06 GMT
Complaint:Rubbish product reacts with plastic
User:Date:01-Dec-14 07:07:29 GMT
User:Date:30-Nov-14 00:34:44 GMT
Praise:omg my alloys look soooooo great
User:Date:25-Nov-14 10:51:22 GMT
Praise:Very Good Ebayer Many Thanks
User:Date:22-Nov-14 18:28:34 GMT
Praise:top quality fast postage great eBayer A++++++
User:Date:22-Nov-14 12:05:00 GMT
Praise:used this company many times always quick delivery AAA++++
User:Date:17-Nov-14 20:48:16 GMT
Praise:Good service
User:Date:17-Nov-14 10:26:33 GMT
Praise:Never had something delivered so quickly A++++
User:Date:16-Nov-14 15:19:59 GMT
Praise:many thanks ken
User:Date:10-Nov-14 19:46:44 GMT
User:Date:10-Nov-14 11:42:16 GMT
User:Date:10-Nov-14 11:42:06 GMT
User:Date:09-Nov-14 19:49:08 GMT
Praise:Fast postage A* ebayer
User:Date:08-Nov-14 20:14:18 GMT
Praise:Thank you arrived yesterday.
User:Date:08-Nov-14 19:26:49 GMT
Praise:no problems here, great ebayer fast delivery great,,
User:Date:06-Nov-14 14:10:14 GMT
Complaint: Top ebayer many thanks. Love it
User:Date:06-Nov-14 05:49:58 GMT
Complaint:seller sold me faulty producr then never answered emails .
User:Date:06-Nov-14 05:49:29 GMT
Complaint:seller sold me faulty producr then never answered emails .
User:Date:06-Nov-14 05:49:00 GMT
Praise:seller sold me faulty producr then never answered emails .
User:Date:06-Nov-14 05:47:49 GMT
Complaint:seller was really quick , helpful and product quality is awesome .
User:Date:03-Nov-14 07:38:36 GMT
Praise:Arrived in good time, great quality. Ideal eBayer. A*
User:Date:01-Nov-14 10:44:32 GMT
Praise:Excellent. quick delivery.
User:Date:31-Oct-14 21:03:22 GMT
Praise:Looks great!
User:Date:31-Oct-14 06:47:01 GMT
Praise:Many thanks
User:Date:30-Oct-14 22:40:34 GMT
Praise:Great purchase great e bayer🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
User:Date:29-Oct-14 09:26:50 GMT
User:Date:29-Oct-14 09:25:12 GMT
User:Date:28-Oct-14 23:14:51 GMT
Praise:Great item and seller A*****
User:Date:23-Oct-14 14:53:46 BST
User:Date:22-Oct-14 00:14:33 BST
Praise:Does what it says on the tin but the p+pa bit much
User:Date:17-Oct-14 13:44:16 BST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:17-Oct-14 05:24:46 BST
Praise:Great item and seller A*****
User:Date:17-Oct-14 00:10:57 BST
Praise:Good seller!!! Good product!
User:Date:16-Oct-14 16:58:04 BST
Praise:Good service and exellent delivery service.
User:Date:15-Oct-14 10:11:24 BST
Praise:Good ebayer amazing postage
User:Date:12-Oct-14 16:39:47 BST
Praise:good delivery
User:Date:11-Oct-14 18:33:28 BST
Praise:Great seller A++++++++
User:Date:09-Oct-14 13:45:42 BST
Praise:Great ebayer and excellent postage !
User:Date:08-Oct-14 16:12:17 BST
Praise:thankyou really quick delivery
User:Date:08-Oct-14 02:57:10 BST
Praise:thanks A++++++
User:Date:07-Oct-14 21:08:56 BST
Praise:great item, quick delivery valued ebayer
User:Date:07-Oct-14 10:44:48 BST
Praise:Very Good Ebayer Many Thanks
User:Date:07-Oct-14 10:44:47 BST
Praise:Very Good Ebayer Many Thanks
User:Date:04-Oct-14 08:48:39 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:03-Oct-14 11:24:34 BST
Praise:Thanks again!
User:Date:02-Oct-14 18:30:08 BST
Praise:Brilliant products
User:Date:02-Oct-14 17:28:10 BST
Praise:As described quick delivery
User:Date:01-Oct-14 20:35:34 BST
Praise:Great product, super fast delivery thank you.
User:Date:01-Oct-14 19:52:29 BST
Praise:very good prodect
User:Date:01-Oct-14 07:58:15 BST
Praise:Fantastic thank you
User:Date:29-Sep-14 08:57:40 BST
User:Date:27-Sep-14 07:36:05 BST
Praise:very good
User:Date:26-Sep-14 08:07:49 BST
Praise:Excellent quality and very reasonable price thanks
User:Date:25-Sep-14 22:24:00 BST
Praise:very happy will for sure do business again A++++++++
User:Date:24-Sep-14 15:49:48 BST
Praise:1st class seller
User:Date:23-Sep-14 02:22:47 BST
Praise:Good comunication, good seller:)good item:)
User:Date:22-Sep-14 16:04:31 BST
Praise:Spot on... : ) cheers
User:Date:21-Sep-14 11:43:04 BST
Praise:Great service, Arrived quickly, Many thanks
User:Date:20-Sep-14 22:00:31 BST
Praise:superb seller fast delivery
User:Date:18-Sep-14 21:13:28 BST
Praise:worked a treat thanks
User:Date:15-Sep-14 12:47:59 BST
Praise:Great coms top seller Many thanks A++++++++++
User:Date:12-Sep-14 11:16:43 BST
Praise:Great product and quick delivery recommend 100%
User:Date:12-Sep-14 00:48:20 BST
Complaint:stupid 24hr p+p , never turned up after 3 weeks, ebay refunded through dispute
User:Date:11-Sep-14 16:58:02 BST
Praise:Quick delivery. Good for the money. Thanks
User:Date:11-Sep-14 09:18:31 BST
User:Date:08-Sep-14 14:19:42 BST
Praise:thank you very much. good quality. best price.
User:Date:06-Sep-14 12:15:26 BST
Praise:Great eBay experience but the product was not effective
User:Date:05-Sep-14 08:14:56 BST
Praise:Ordered on a Monday received on Tuesday, very fast delivery, item very good!
User:Date:04-Sep-14 20:55:05 BST
Praise:ok good seller and fast thanks
User:Date:04-Sep-14 09:32:15 BST
Praise:Excellent seller, great transaction :) Thank you.
User:Date:04-Sep-14 05:29:41 BST
Praise:Great ebayer A+++
User:Date:03-Sep-14 17:16:16 BST
User:Date:02-Sep-14 19:26:46 BST
Praise:Arrived in good time and was really happy with product
User:Date:02-Sep-14 19:26:25 BST
Praise:Arrived in good time and was really happy with product
User:Date:02-Sep-14 18:46:20 BST
Praise:Great seller
User:Date:02-Sep-14 05:20:32 BST
Complaint:Cans were spraying badly
User:Date:01-Sep-14 11:31:10 BST
Praise:Arrived quickly, seems quite 'satin' to my eye but good product. :-)
User:Date:29-Aug-14 15:13:22 BST
Praise:good seller a+++
User:Date:28-Aug-14 19:34:08 BST
User:Date:28-Aug-14 11:55:02 BST
Praise:Great seller
User:Date:27-Aug-14 17:55:26 BST
Praise:A good item but not as good as some out there, speedy delivery and well packaged
User:Date:26-Aug-14 22:41:50 BST
Praise:Thanks and spoton..
User:Date:26-Aug-14 14:32:38 BST
Praise:Happy with my order
User:Date:25-Aug-14 23:47:51 BST
Praise:Many Thanks
User:Date:25-Aug-14 16:35:06 BST
Praise:100% Recomened seller! Really good finish just remeber you need alot to paint!
User:Date:25-Aug-14 10:28:15 BST
User:Date:24-Aug-14 14:10:37 BST
Praise:Wheel colour change here we come.... Can't wait, a great idea when you're bored
User:Date:23-Aug-14 08:09:13 BST
Praise:Good product, good service, better than plasti dip :-)
User:Date:23-Aug-14 01:49:34 BST
Praise:Packaged well. Many thanks
User:Date:18-Aug-14 18:59:33 BST
User:Date:18-Aug-14 18:59:32 BST
User:Date:18-Aug-14 12:45:39 BST
Praise:Brilliant in every way!!
User:Date:16-Aug-14 09:40:54 BST
Praise:Great ebayer, very quick postage, thanks!
User:Date:16-Aug-14 01:03:35 BST
Praise:Great Seller, Good Comms & Quick Postage. A+
User:Date:15-Aug-14 17:06:13 BST
Praise:Brilliant. Thank you very much. A*******
User:Date:14-Aug-14 09:20:35 BST
Praise:good product thanks
User:Date:13-Aug-14 22:55:14 BST
Praise:100% item and quick delivery
User:Date:12-Aug-14 18:22:30 BST
Praise:excellent seller, many thanks
User:Date:12-Aug-14 17:10:14 BST
Praise:Perfect With Fast Delivery
User:Date:11-Aug-14 22:16:57 BST
Praise:Superb! Good spray pattern, good even coverage. Superfast del. Will buy more.
User:Date:10-Aug-14 23:30:59 BST
Praise:Thanks all good highly reccomended
User:Date:10-Aug-14 08:38:51 BST
Praise:Excellent, many thanks.
User:Date:10-Aug-14 03:01:18 BST
Praise:100% Recomened seller! Quality product, reece is incredibly helpful! A+++++
User:Date:09-Aug-14 10:39:49 BST
Praise:Great seller Thanks!
User:Date:08-Aug-14 19:27:04 BST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:08-Aug-14 16:59:59 BST
Praise:Perfect With Fast Delivery
User:Date:08-Aug-14 10:26:10 BST
Praise:Great seller, fast replacement sent out for free when one can was broken. A+++
User:Date:07-Aug-14 20:23:37 BST
Praise:Worked a dream. Postage seemed a little over priced
User:Date:06-Aug-14 17:25:18 BST
Praise:WOhoo! Better than expected. Thank you! Excellent service!
User:Date:06-Aug-14 12:08:02 BST
Praise:Perfect With Fast Delivery
User:Date:04-Aug-14 21:23:59 BST
Praise:100% Positive Feedback
User:Date:04-Aug-14 20:00:46 BST
Praise:Great price and posting and the item is great too! Thanks!
User:Date:04-Aug-14 16:17:47 BST
Praise:good service
User:Date:04-Aug-14 11:08:26 BST
Praise:Excellent seller.
User:Date:04-Aug-14 00:07:06 BST
Praise:very good a+++
User:Date:02-Aug-14 17:34:42 BST
Praise:As described, good seller.
User:Date:02-Aug-14 13:38:13 BST
Praise:very happy will for sure do business again A++++++++
User:Date:02-Aug-14 12:25:12 BST
Praise:Looks good
User:Date:02-Aug-14 11:31:32 BST
Neutral:Took over a week to come even tho it was 24 hour but got it in the end.
User:Date:01-Aug-14 11:53:37 BST
Praise:Excellent delivery and product, thanks
User:Date:31-Jul-14 22:23:42 BST
User:Date:31-Jul-14 18:00:43 BST
Praise:good ebayer ,quick delivery
User:Date:31-Jul-14 14:50:25 BST
Praise:Excellent thank you :)
User:Date:29-Jul-14 08:32:58 BST
Praise:AAA seller will use again thanks
User:Date:26-Jul-14 19:31:28 BST
Praise:Great service, thank you
User:Date:26-Jul-14 08:46:13 BST
Praise:Item did not come through but few a through messages a replacement was sent.
User:Date:25-Jul-14 15:25:45 BST
Praise:Very Good Ebayer Many Thanks
User:Date:25-Jul-14 04:26:41 BST
Praise:super fast delivery. Top seller A++++++++++++
User:Date:24-Jul-14 22:37:37 BST
Praise:great reliable service, will use again
User:Date:24-Jul-14 21:34:47 BST
User:Date:23-Jul-14 08:54:00 BST
User:Date:23-Jul-14 08:53:45 BST
User:Date:22-Jul-14 16:16:40 BST
User:Date:21-Jul-14 15:18:20 BST
Praise: excellent ebay seller a+++
User:Date:19-Jul-14 16:05:20 BST
Praise:Fantastic product will definately use again. Great guys to deal with too!
User:Date:17-Jul-14 22:13:37 BST
Praise:Great product
User:Date:17-Jul-14 21:35:57 BST
Praise:Great item many thanks
User:Date:16-Jul-14 19:54:40 BST
User:Date:16-Jul-14 02:38:52 BST
Praise:Good comunication, good seller:)good item:)
User:Date:16-Jul-14 00:05:51 BST
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User:Date:15-Jul-14 22:43:18 BST
Praise:Excellent item. Received very quickly. Thank you. 5*. Highly recommended.
User:Date:15-Jul-14 22:43:18 BST
Praise:Excellent item. Received very quickly. Thank you. 5*. Highly recommended.
User:Date:15-Jul-14 14:37:38 BST
Praise:Amazing service, and a great item.
User:Date:14-Jul-14 08:26:10 BST
Praise:Wow Top Ebayer A++++
User:Date:13-Jul-14 23:32:43 BST
Praise:Perfect cheers
User:Date:13-Jul-14 11:27:40 BST
User:Date:13-Jul-14 11:13:04 BST
Praise:thanks a++++++ seller
User:Date:12-Jul-14 23:39:49 BST
Praise:Good product, excessive postage charges though. Β£8 for 2 cans of spray
User:Date:12-Jul-14 14:29:20 BST
Praise:great thanks
User:Date:12-Jul-14 10:00:47 BST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:12-Jul-14 09:47:14 BST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:12-Jul-14 09:46:13 BST
User:Date:12-Jul-14 04:02:27 BST
Praise:Just as described and amazed at how fast delivery was!. Highly recommended!
User:Date:11-Jul-14 23:50:11 BST
Praise:cool thanx a 5***************************
User:Date:10-Jul-14 20:59:35 BST
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User:Date:09-Jul-14 22:04:55 BST
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Praise:Very good service and a quality item
User:Date:08-Jul-14 22:18:49 BST
Praise:Quick delivery, good service.....A+
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Praise:Great stuff will recommend anyone
User:Date:08-Jul-14 11:19:48 BST
Praise:Great buy easy pleasant deal. Hope to deal again :)
User:Date:07-Jul-14 10:57:29 BST
Praise:Great, Thank You
User:Date:07-Jul-14 10:57:29 BST
Praise:Great, Thank You
User:Date:06-Jul-14 10:10:00 BST
Praise:Seller put wrong house number so I had a game receiving goods but otherwise good
User:Date:04-Jul-14 11:10:34 BST
Praise:amazing worked relly well
User:Date:03-Jul-14 11:34:28 BST
Praise:Spot on
User:Date:03-Jul-14 11:25:42 BST
Praise:Spot on
User:Date:02-Jul-14 17:20:57 BST
User:Date:30-Jun-14 14:16:55 BST
Praise:it took to long to get here three days not chuft at all
User:Date:28-Jun-14 23:15:38 BST
Praise:great results, as described. A++++++
User:Date:28-Jun-14 21:33:52 BST
User:Date:28-Jun-14 21:32:49 BST
User:Date:28-Jun-14 21:31:49 BST
User:Date:27-Jun-14 22:09:38 BST
Complaint:Faulty tin 1 of 3 not spraying.
User:Date:27-Jun-14 14:00:00 BST
User:Date:26-Jun-14 17:30:37 BST
Praise:Good comunication, good seller:)good item:)
User:Date:26-Jun-14 09:56:44 BST
User:Date:25-Jun-14 02:36:01 BST
Praise:Recomended seller!
User:Date:24-Jun-14 20:49:25 BST
User:Date:24-Jun-14 11:55:19 BST
Praise:Great item & really quick delivery
User:Date:23-Jun-14 14:28:33 BST
Praise:Very Happy with the product A+
User:Date:22-Jun-14 11:24:36 BST
Praise:Great item fast shipment thank you
User:Date:20-Jun-14 14:14:38 BST
Praise:Quick delivery, thanks.
User:Date:19-Jun-14 11:39:25 BST
User:Date:19-Jun-14 09:48:45 BST
Praise:Fantastic Ebayer! Would certainly use again! Item perfect. Extremely fast.A*
User:Date:18-Jun-14 14:08:20 BST
Praise:Quick delivery great product! Amazing quality and super fast delivery!
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