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We need your phone numbers and a valid address!

Leaving telephone numbers via ebay's checkout when paying is the most secure way of getting your phone numbers to us. When you are at the checkout, you will come to a screen the same as the 'screen example' shown below. To enter your phone numbers, click the 'Add message' link next to 'Message to ron_currie_and_sons' like at the bottom of the 'screen example' below. Enter your phone numbers and press 'save message'. The courier we use for 'seller standard rate' delivery will only ring you if he is having trouble finding your address. The courier we use for 'other courier' delivery should ring you to arrange a day of delivery.

Not giving a contact number will mean no delivery.

Obtaining phone numbers from customers is a big headache for ebay shops like ourselves. Customers are ordering goods for delivery without leaving contact phone numbers. Couriers will not deliver without contact phone numbers. Ebay shops are left having to contact their customers via email which often delays the delivery of their goods. Sometimes we only hear from customers when they have waited in all day for a delivery that hasn't even been dispatched because they haven't left us their contact phone numbers.

Screen example.

We need a valid address!

We cannot stress how important a valid address is. Without a valid address you risk your goods being delivered elsewhere. Some people think that it is a good idea not to use a house number or even a road name. This practice causes a huge amount of confusion, trouble and loss of time for us and the courier drivers.


Here is an example of what we call an invalid address:-


Tulip Cottage,

Bump Street,


Nottinghamshire NG17 5HT


This is an invalid address because there is no house number. For all we know 'Bump Street' could be several miles long and the courier driver would be left searching for the property with no idea where it might be. This results in an increased risk of him not finding the property, increased risk of having an accident and lost time. Everybody has a house number whether they choose to use it or not. If you don't know your house number you can ring your local council who should know what it is. If the council doesn't have your house number on record you can request a new one and they should give you a choice numbers that are available or suitable for you.