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**Automated Message**
At present we are not taking any NEW orders for a few hours on 06/12/2016. This is due to a quick audit pre Xmas.
Rest assured, any orders already placed on or prior to 06/12/2016 are already dispatched, or in processing and will be dispatched as per listing. Pre-order sales are of course due to be dispatched on release date (any relevant release dates are contained in after sales messages).
We are very much in office and are fully committed to make sure orders placed are delivered within the estimated delivery times, and any email queries will be dealt with as per normal.
Furthermore, any issues whatsoever will be dealt with promptly and to customers' satisfaction
Rest assured, primarily ensuring your satisfaction is our priority, and avoiding negative/neutral feedback or low star (1 or 2) ratings comes as a secondary priority.
We hope that info helps

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