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Changing your pilots appearance
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  I sell Lightweight Model Pilot figures for model airplane cockpits . 1/24 to 1/3 scales .Some are made from foamed polyurethane resin and some from PVC.The PVC ones are very tough and virtually unbreakable  Ideal for that heavy landing !! Many of my pilots come fully painted  .

 Please Note Postage rates have increased,and cost of my packaging materials also from 2/4/2013 . This is outside my control but I will endevour to combine postage on multiple purchases

Cedric Fun Pilot  Back in Stock  !! Ready for battle

 Before ordering your pilot check the size of the pilot by clicking on it and scrolling down

You will find the dimensions and can compare them with your cockpit.

I don’t have knowledge of the dimensions of all the various RC plane cockpits apart from a few popular makes. Thanks this will save you the trouble of emailing me ! Please do not ask me to paint the unpainted pilots  .I don't have the facility or time sorry. If you would like to change the appearance of your pilot go to


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How to change the appearance of your pilot.

It is quite easy to change the appearance of your pilot , especially if you have a two man cockpit and don't want the occupants to be identical .

These are the things you can do :-

  1. Turn his head so he looks sideways or up, or down a bit.

  2. Give him a moustache.

  3. Remove his moustache if he has one.

  4. Change the shape of his nose and/or mouth.

  5. Paint his jacket and/or helmet a different colour

Heres how :-

  1. Saw off the head with a razor saw or cut with a craft knife. Try to make a straight cut as near to the collar as possible.

    Get a piece of small diameter tubular pipe insulation foam from your local D.I.Y store and cut a piece about 60mm long. Trim it back down the side slit so it can be inserted into the neck of the head and collar.

    Smear some contact glue such as Evostik inside the neck and collar holes , then position the head to your liking, before the glue goes tacky.

  2. You could just paint a moustache on , or , using a bit of cloth or your own hair , glue one on. Alternatively, buy some epoxy putty such as Milliput and model one .

  3. Just cut off any moustache carefully with a sharp scalpel

  4. Milliput putty is easy to model and can also be used to reshape the nose or mouth. I often open up the mouth with a scalpel then reshape the bottom lip and even sometimes show a glimpse of teeth using Milliput. There are other two part putties available such as Green Stuff prodId=prod1380024a&_requestid=4060455

    1. To repaint his attire Acrylic waterbased paints are the easiest.

You could also repaint his face to make him look different

Good Luck Pete