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Cartridge Recycling
We have a program in place to recycle empty inkjet cartridges.

The following cartridges can be recycled:

Canon (PG37/40/50 & CL38/41/51 only)
Dell (all models)
HP (all models)
Lexmark (all models)

View our Recyling Page for more details.
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Inkjet Cartridge Recycling

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Home

Which inkjet cartridges can be recycled?

The following diagram gives an overview of which inkjet cartridges can be recycled:

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Accepted Models

Full Cartridge Recycling List:

To see which Inkjet Cartridges can be accepted for recycling please see our Cartridge Recycling List for full details.

The Facts about Inkjet Cartridge Recycling

In the UK we currently dispose of around 45 million inkjet cartridges per year into landfill sites, with each cartridge requiring approximately 850ml of crude oil to produce. A cartridge will take up to 1000 years to decompose, and as you can imagine the space that they will take up is substantial.

Why Recycle your Empty Inkjet Cartridges?

Environmental Incentives:

By recycling your empty cartridges after they have been used you can help to reduce landfill content and preserve the environment for the future. Each time a new inkjet cartridge is produced, this is a strain on the supply of a non-renewable material. If cartridges are recycled and subsequently re-used then this will reduce the usage of oil and in turn will also allow you to purchase cheaper cartridges in the future.

Financial Incentives:

As a further incentive we offer financial rewards or charitable donations for every eligible inkjet cartridge that is recycled with us, please see the Cartridge List , Schools and Charities pages for more details.

Also cartridge recycling enables customers to purchase remanufactured cartridge, as opposed to OEM original cartridge, and this offers substancial savings in comparison.

Who is the Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program open to?

Our Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program is open to individuals, schools and businesses. If you have more large number of cartridges to recycle at once then you will need to Contact Us to arrange this.

How Do I Start Recycling my Empty Inkjet Cartridges?

For details on how to return your empty inkjet cartridges please see the How to Recycle page.