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About Us

If you've ordered band t-shirts online before you'll know that half of the time the shirt you want isn't available or you end up having to wait for what seems like months because the site you've ordered it from has to order it in from someone else, who has to order it in from someone else.

Loudclothing isn't like all the other online t-shirt stores you come across; firstly we work directly with the official European clothing distributors for nearly all the bands we sell, and secondly we only sell music and related tees and merchandise. Plus, because of our direct working relationship with the people that matter we can get our hands on ultra-hard-to-find tour merchandise and offer it exclusively to you online.

In the six years we've been selling online Loudclothing's team has come to realise one thing; that the best way to run a business like ours is to offer our customers a combination of the best products and the best customer service. We want you to come back time and time again, safe in the knowledge that if you ever have a problem we'll do our very best to sort it out for you.

The team behind Loud not only are all dedicated to the world of rock and metal in one way or another (including DJing, being in bands and working for record labels and rock magazines) and have over twenty years experience working day to day with bands and their merchandise. You'd be crazy to trust your t-shirt order to anyone else.

Loud says...
Don't be ripped off by buying illegal bootleg t-shirts on eBay. Support the bands you love by only buying official t-shirts and not supporting dodgy back-street bootleggers.