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 Our interest is on high-quality, well-designed, timeless goods. Collection reflects craftsmanship in the history of Art & Design. This belief combines with treasuring special moments at home & the importance of living well. In the world of mass-manufacturing we still can find things that last well.
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  • Plastic Matters
 Bakelite and melamine is the plastics from the family of thermoset resins. In contrast to their thermoplastic descendants, it has a altogether different quality and tactile feel to it. Some says it has a ceramic quality. It feels harder and heavier, often shinier.
 However, our own theory of the higher aesthetic aspiration of thermosets is often towards the simple kitchen utensils. In 1935, Bakelite melamine was developed because of its enormous strength, high heat resistance and completely appropriate to food use. If we are only allowed to use one type of synthetic material in the kitchen, we would most definitely choose melamine.
 Our melamine products come from a melamine specialist in Germany, an establishment has been manufacturing Thermoset Plastic since 1921. Designs are base on the original 1960's, all of which under the creative eye of its designer, produce unparalleled design quality. Solidly design and made.

When compare to the low cost production of other plastic, Thermoset melamine needs procedures that cheaper plastic do not use. One could make out easily that they are superior 'plastic', if they can be associate with other common plastic at all.