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Internet Reptile Locusts

Buying locusts online can be difficult as not only do sizes vary from breeder to breeder (e.g. our large may be different to another suppliers large), but also these insects in particular are very fast growing when kept in optimum conditions... they can and do grow several mm in a single day.   Demand also varies daily which means it isn't possible to pick out identically sized locusts every time; instead size guides (aka specifications) are used for each size and the locusts will be packed when they are within that size bracket.  There will of course be some natural variation from one day to the next as to the exact locusts being packed, but we have stringent quality control measures to ensure the specifications are met.

Below we have a number of photos. these are taken from completely randomly selected tubs that were packed for sale.  We have not hand picked tubs that suggest bigger or smaller locusts so this is a genuine example rather then a marketing exercise of any sort. 


These are winged locusts and will be offered at the same stage regardless of the breeder in question. 

XL LOCUSTS (35mm+) 

This particular locust is around 35mm which is at the smaller end of the scale. You can see its more developed wing buds which indicate it's stage of development.


This large Locusts is around 28mm, about in the middle of the scale. You can see wing buds are starting to grow here but aren't the same size as the XL's. This stage tends to be a bit more bulky then the mediums or smalls.

Some breeders have a medium/large then a large which splits up the larger and smaller locusts at this stage, this is often unsustainable so we prefer to offer a fairly wide range and send out the biggest possible on the day. 


Our medium locusts have shed their skin and are starting to grow a bit bigger then the smalls, still a fairly small size (this one is around 15mm so they do sometimes come a bit bigger), they are also quite light bodied at this stage. Please note some breeders combine their small and medium locusts into a "small/medium" and then offer a bigger "medium" we consider this inaccurate based on the shedding stages of these insects.


Our smallest locusts available, this picture shows a very typical size. These are a great alternative to other livefoods as they are small enough to substitute smaller crickets but allow the ease of handling and management that only locusts offer.

Silent Crickets

XL; 20-30mm

Large; 15-20mm

Standard; 12-18mm

Medium; 8-12mm

Med/Small; 6-8mm

Small; 4-5mm

Micro; 1-3mm

Black Field Crickets

XL; 20-30mm

Standard/Large; 12-20mm

Medium; 7-12mm

Med/Small; 5-8mm

Small; 4-5mm

Micro; 1-3mm

 Other insects

Standard Mealworms; 20-30mm

Mini Mealworms; 10-18mm

Morio Worms; 40-60mm

Waxworms; 15-20mm

Fruit Beetle Grubs; 20-35mm

Fruit Flies; 2-3mm