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  • How to use our fabric paint
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Kilabitzzz Fabric Zuper Paint – Instructions for use


Kilabitzzz Fabric Zuper Paint – Instructions for use.


Our fabric paint is water based and specifically designed for use on clothing, especially T-shirts and Denim.


The UV version provides vivid fluorescent glow colour in Ultraviolet (UV) blacklight, such as used at clubs, raves, party pubs, fun fairs and discos.


The colour change version with change from one colour to the other at the touch of a hand or temperatures above 30c.


It is simple to use following the instructions below. You will be creating exciting and original garments for yourself in no time. Use on T-shirts, Jeans, Caps, Canvas shoes and many other types of fabric.


1)      Remove the cap from the bottle and cut the end (the round ball bit) off the applicator, about half a cm from the ball end. Put the lid cap back on.

2)      Shake the bottle (with the lid on!) for 20 to 30 seconds.

3)      Put a couple of sheets of paper (such as an old newspaper) behind the layer of fabric you intend to paint so any paint does not bleed into other layers of fabric you do not want the paint on.

4)      Create your design by painting it on with a small paint brush, with a sponge, over a stencil or even direct from the bottle through the little hole in the spout (you just made that by cutting the ball off the end – remember). Using stencils or from the bottle direct we find gives the best results.

5)      Apply two or three coats, leaving to dry between each coat.

6)      When the garment is touch dry (the length of time depends on the room temperature and type of fabric), leave it another half hour. Then the paint needs to be cured before use. If you do not cure the paint it will come off and ruin your masterpiece.

7)      Use an iron to cure (set) the paint. Turn the garment inside out and lay a piece of standard plain printer/copier paper between the painted side and inside fabric.

8)      Put an old but clean cloth over the painted area (So it will be between the reversed fabric painted area and iron). Turn any steam setting OFF on your iron.

9)      With the iron warmed up and on the medium setting iron over the painted areas covered by the cloth. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes pressing down firmly and slowly moving the iron to cover all the painted area.

10)  Remove the paper and cloth and turn the garment the right way out.

11)  Cover the design with two sheets of plain printer/copier paper and iron again for 3 to 5 minutes using the firm and slow motion.

12)  Remove the paper and your item is done.


If an item can not be ironed due to its shape you can heat set the paint with a hairdryer or a commercial clothes dryer. Dry on high heat (moving the dryer over the garment) for 10 to 20 minutes.


It’s sounds harder than it is and once you have done it you will find it easy next time.


To wash and dry after curing has been completed.

  • Let the paint thoroughly dry before washing, leave at least 4 days.
  • Hand washing may dramatically increase the garments life.
  • When washing turn the garment inside out.
  • Use lower temperature machine washing cycles, below 60c. As the 60c and higher temperatures may soften and loosen the paint causing it to peel off.
  • Best to wash on cold temperature in an automatic washing machine.
  • If you can set your washing machine to the gentle cycle.
  • Drip dry / line dry. Do not use a tumble dryer.


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