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 Please note that the items listed in our Ebay store are just a small percentage of the lines we carry in stock. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, for any team, please drop us a mail and we will see if we can help you out.

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  • Multiple Purchases


We will always try and combine/discount the postage for multiple items (IF on one invoice) and for UK deliveries we will usually charge the one standard price for multiple purchases (£1 Letter*, £1.25 Large Letter, £2.00 Heavier magazines, £3.50 Small Packet).

* Please note the "standard price" of £1 for Letter size items only applies if all the items on the order are small letter size - if a Large Letter item is included in the multiple items the price will be at the higher Larger Letter cost of £1.25, or £3.50 if a Packet post item is included  (IF on one invoice)

For example - if you buy 5 single cigarette cards the total price for UK postage will be £1.00, however if you buy 5 single cigarette cards and an A4 picture the total cost will be £1.25. (IF on one invoice)

NOTE - As stated above in the majority of cases we will send multiple items (UK only) for the one standard price, however for some bulkier items,  i.e, magazines, some of the larger programmes etc the cost of multiple items will be calculated by weight.  (IF on one invoice)

HOWEVER, as hinted about several times above we we can only do this if you wait until we have combined the items onto ONE INVOICE and adjusted the postage accordingly.

Orders paid for on seperate invoices may be posted separately, incur extra handling fees or order cancellations (see bottom section).

To stop this happening please do NOT go to Paypal (or complete the checkout process by selecting other payment methods) and pay for multiple individual invoices, PLEASE wait until we have combined all of the invoices and adjusted the postage.

To clarify why the above is an issue - because we send out numerous orders a day we may not spot youve got a few items and have paid for them individually so they may end up getting picked, packed and sent separately.

If we do spot them we will though put them together and refund any overpaid postage - HOWEVER, this will incur additional fees or result in the payments being refunded (see bottom section)

If we do not spot them and they have been posted individually we can not refund any overpaid postage after the event so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wait until weve combined the invoices together before paying..

In addition Ebays new policy of charging sellers 10% of the postage cost means that multiple paid (including "payment by other methods") means we get charged multiple times for multiple invoices.

Paypal FEES on multiple invoices

Another important reason for not paying invoices individually through Paypal is the EXTRA unnecessary fees that Paypal charge. 

As you are probably aware Paypal charge a fee for using them, what a lot of buyers dont realise is there is a flat fee of about 25p for EVERY invoice paid and then a percentage of the total cost on top of that.

As an example of what that means lets assume you buy 5 items off us pay for all 5 items on 5 individual invoices - Paypal then charge us 5 x 25p fees (1 fee per invoice).

If however you wait until we combine the 5 invoices together then Paypal only charge us the 1 x 25p fee as everything was on one invoice.

In other words by paying for them individually (as well as taking you longer) it means that weve just lost a £1 unnecessarily, it might not sound a lot but those £1's add up.

Im sure you will agree that the above isnt really fair on us and if it keeps on happening the result will be we end up having to put our prices up !!

Extra time to process

The other issue is that we then have to spend time identifying the individual payments, sort out the refunds and then match up the orders, this will result in the order actually taking longer for us to process so longer for you to recieve it.

All of this takes time and dependant on work load your order may end up getting delayed for the sake of waiting for us to combine it in the first place.

MULTIPLE PURCHASES - Europe / Rest of the World

We will discount the postage for multiple orders but as outlined above we can only do this if you dont pay (i.e complete the checkout process) for the items individually.

We will check the weight of the item and if it is more than the standard postal rate we charge we will add it onto the invoice, please note though we will only add on the extra that Royal Mail charge us and we will always try and keep the costs down as much as possible.

International multiple orders over £15.00

Due to a number of "questionable" complaints by some international buyers as to them not recieving their orders it has become necessary for us to charge for a trackable service on high value orders.

We realise that this can massively increase the cost of the postage (Royal Mail charge £5.50 extra for this service) but we can not continue to refund lost orders if buyers do not take this service. If you do not wish to pay the extra that is fine but we will not be able to send the order and it will be refunded.

UK and International

Additional HANDLING fees if items paid for on individual invoices

As you may have gathered from the above we can only discount postage if you allow us to combine all of the items onto ONE invoice.

If not we reserve the right to either;

A) Refund ALL payments and re-raise a new combined invoice, this will entail you revisiting Paypal to pay the new invoice which will now include the discounted postage and packaging.

B) Part refund the overpaid payments minus the extra unnecessary Ebay/Paypal fees charged per additional invoice, this fee is to cover the additional costs incurred by ourselves which could have been avoided if we were given the opportunity to combine the invoices.

C) Cancel the multiple invoices and reraise a single invoice with the discounted postage adjusted.


Please note the above is even more important now that Ebays have introduced a new policy of charging sellers 10% of the postage cost. 

This means that multiple paid (including "payment by other methods") orders generate multiple postal surcharges on these multiple invoices.

For example if an International buyer purchases 5 items and pays for them all individually via Paypal (or conpletes the checkout process and generates 5 invoices) they will have generated 5 invoices which in turn generates 5 lots of postage.

So for example 5 orders to France processed indiviually would generate 5 lots x £3.00 postage, in those circumstances Ebay will charge us 5 x 30p (10% of £3.00 p&p fee) so we would get charged £1.50 instead of 30p if the buyer had allowed us to combine all the purchases onto ONE invoice - 1 x £3.00 p&p fee = 30p charge to us off Ebay.

Please note this charge is generated by Ebays system as soon as the buyer completes the checkout process for each order, irrespective of how they pay - once an invoice is generated Ebay then automatically charge the seller 10% of the post (as wel as the usual FVF fees off course).