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"Makes home cosy while saving on fuel bills"

    CosyHomeStore Ltd is an online retailer of hardware products for the home with a special interest in solutions that make home cosy and affordable to heat.

    We really know our stuff (blush of pride) so if you have any questions or need advice and expertise, just ask Bernard

    We test all our products in our workshop. We also examine and review each product. Then we present the results of our findings as informative and easy-to-read product listings for products that make the grade.

    What we look at includes:

    1. marketed application
    2. usefulness
    3. functionality - "does it do what is expected?"
    4. quality - "is it well made and durable?
    5. packaging
    6. instructions

    If you are not happy with any aspect of product or service, you may return the product for a full refund.

    If you have any feedback, concerns or questions, please talk to use. Our business thrives on customer communication.

    If we did well, please share the warm fuzzy feelings by giving feedback when prompted by eBay. If we did not do well, please complain directly to us (contact info below) so we can make it right and have the chance to improve as a business.

    As my customer, I make a promise to ensure you receive personal customer service, prompt delivery and quality / fit-for-purpose items.

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