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 Casting molds and Lord of the Rings

Casting molds and Lord of the Rings

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 Welcome to Prince August and Mithril. We stock molds / moulds for Napoleonic soldiers, Vikings, Knights, Romans, Nativity, Prussian and Fantasy pieces. Cast your own miniatures or Chess sets. We also have Lord of the Rings and Mutant Chronicles Warzone + Chronopia games, expansions and metal figures
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MB345 - The Vengeance of Smaug

One of the Mythic creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books now available in solid metal.

Other Smaug Dragon box sets: MB422 - Smaug Triumphant at the battle in the Lonely Mountain.

Mithril produce an expanding range of boxed sets depicting the larger creatures of Middle-earth. Most boxed items are produced in kit form in a number of pieces which require assembly before painting. Producing larger miniatures in this way ensures that the maximum amount of animation and action can be designed into the figures which a one-piece casting could not achieve. Each kit has an instruction sheet included.

The Dwarven kingdom of Thror, delved in the Lonely mountain at the headwaters of the Celduin was famous for its fabulous wealth: so famous that rumour of it reached even to the Withered heath and the ears of Smaug the golden, a mighty Fire-dragon whose heart burned at the thought of untold treasure.

Rising up upon mighty wings, the great worm sped south to the Lonely mountain breathing flames as he come. With dread the folk of Dale and Erebor watched as the great pine-forests north of the mountain were kindled by Smaug's fiery breath and fanned to a roaring furnace by the wind of his wings. In terror thy attempted flight, as the dragon set the town ablaze and choked and burned the mountain caverns with fume and fire.

MB358 - Scatha the Worm

One of the Mythic creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books now available in solid metal.

A mighty Long-worm of the Grey Mountains and one of the greatest dragons to infest the Grey Mountains of the north, little is known of Scatha's life, except that he was slain by Fram son of Frumgar (an ancestor of Eorl the Young) in the early days of the Éothéod. His recovered hoard was the subject of great dispute between the Men of the Éothéod and the Dwarves of that region, who claimed the hoard as their own. Fram rebuked their claim, and sent them the teeth of the dragon, with the words, 'Jewels such as these you will not match in your treasuries, for they are hard to come by'. Thereafter there was war between the Éothéod and the Dwarves, a war in which Fram met his end. However this dispute was resolved (we are not told), it seems that Fram's people retained at least some of the hoard, and brought it south with them when they settled in Rohan. The horn that Éowyn gave to Merry Brandybuck after the War of the Ring (many hundred years later) was said to come from it.

MB397 - The Cold Drake

One of the Mythic creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books now available in solid metal.

Cold-drakes are amongst the oldest breeds of Dragon in Middle-earth and like all others are extremely scarce by the end of the Third-age. The earliest of the Dragons first apeared in the dim past of the First-age and were a manifestation of Morgoth's hatred for the works of the Valar.

The first of the dragons were flightless and had no fiery breath. Over the ages some evolved differently, developing the ability to breath fire as in the the case of Glaurung, whose descendents included true Fire-dragons who could both breath fire and fly, such as Scatha and Smaug.
There remained however in the barren wastes above the Ered Mithrin, even into the Third age, examples of the true cold-drakes, some of whom had developed the power of flight but who had no fiery breath. One such creature, although his name is forgotten in the mists of time, is famous as the slayer of the Dwarf Lord Dain I, great grandsire to Thorin Oakenshield.

Many of Durins' folk had settled in the Grey mountains after the destruction of Moria, and they built their great halls amongst those barren hills. But the drakes were still populous in those parts and the dwarves suffered much from their depredations. Finally Dain and his second son Fror were ambushed by a great Cold-drake who, sweeping down from his rocky lair slew them before the gates of their hall. This act caused the remnant of Durin's folk to abandon the Ered Mithrin, and leave the Cold-drakes to their gloomy realm.