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 Welcome to Prince August and Mithril. We stock molds / moulds for Napoleonic soldiers, Vikings, Knights, Romans, Nativity, Prussian and Fantasy pieces. Cast your own miniatures or Chess sets. We also have Lord of the Rings and Mutant Chronicles Warzone + Chronopia games, expansions and metal figures
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  • MS423 x 1 'Aragorn & the Palantir' figure.
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Aragorn painted

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Aragorn unpainted

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32mm Fellowship Figure - MS423 Aragorn and the Palantir (Free to all NEW members)

"I am Aragorn son of Arathorn and am called Elessar, the Elfstone, Dunadan, the heir of Isildur Elendil's son of Gondor."

After Gandalf's parley with Saruman, Grima threw the palantir down from Orthanc. Pippin looked into the Orthanc-stone during the night and was confronted by Sauron. Aragorn claimed possession of the palantir as the Stone's lawful master, for he felt the time to reveal himself to Sauron was drawing near.

Later, in a chamber high in the Hornburg, Aragorn looked into the palantir. He hoped to draw Sauron's attention away from Mordor while Frodo and Sam approached. Aragorn did not speak, but he showed Sauron that Elendil's sword had been reforged and that Elendil's heir wielded it. Then he was able to master the stone to his own will and with it he saw that the Corsairs in the South posed a grave danger to Gondor.

The following figures were suggested by members. These can ONLY be purchased by Gold Status Fellowship members. Please go to to learn more about these fantastic LotR figures.

32mm Fellowship Figure - MS434 The Death of Boromir

The Death of Boromir MS434 miniature. Only available to Gold Status members.

Boromir was the son and heir to the Steward of Gondor. He had joined the Fellowship of the Ring in Rivendell but was tempted by the Ring during their travels and tried to take it from Frodo.

Frodo fled from Boromir by using the Ring and Boromir quickly recovered his senses and felt great shame at his weakness. He reported to Aragorn that Frodo had vanished and was charged with guarding Merry & Pippin who went to look for Frodo, while Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli split up and searched elsewhere. Boromir & the 2 hobbits were alone when orcs from Isengard attacked. He blew his horn to alert the others that he was in trouble. Aragorn found him dying, his back to a tree, pierced with many arrows. His sword was in his hand, broken near the hilt, his horn cloven in two at his side. Many orcs lay slain nearby but there was no sign of Merry & Pippin. The surviving orcs had bound them and carried them off, back to Saruman.

His last words were "Farewell, Aragorn! Go to Minas Tirith and save my people! I have failed!". "No!" said Aragorn, taking his hand and kissing his brow. "You have conquered. Few have gained such a victory. Be at peace! Minas Tirith shall not fall!". Boromir smiled and died.

32mm Fellowship Figures - MS435 Sauron at Gorgoroth

Sauron at Gorgoroth MS435 miniature. Only available to Gold Status members.

This MS435 vignette depicts the final act in the war of the Last Alliance. After seven long years of siege, Sauron finally emerged onto the ashen plain of Gorgoroth to confront Elendil, lord of the realms in exile, and Gil-galad of the great Elven house of Finwe. Sauron is armed with a great-sword and on his left hand wears a gauntlet of metal plates and black dragon skin. Elendil wears the Numenorean Karma helmet, and has an emblem depicting the island of the Star upon his breastplate.His wields the sword Narsil, which will finally deal a mortal blow to the Dark-lord. Gil-galad wears plate armour forged by Noldo craftsmen and carries his great spear Aeglos.

Dimensions: Sauron is 75mm in height from vignette base to tip of raised sword. The base is about 75mm in length.

32mm Fellowship Figures - MS437 Halbarad, Northern Ranger.

Halbarad, Northern Ranger MS437 miniature. Only available to Gold Status members.

He first appears in 'The passing of the Grey Company' section of the Lord of the Rings. Aragorn and some of his friends started out towards Minas Tirith with Theoden and Eomer. As they passed the Fords of Isen they were approached by horsemen. One dismounted and introduced himself, 'Halbarad Dunadan, Ranger of the North am I'. He was seeking Aragorn. Aragorn asked 'What is that you bear, Kinsman?' For he saw that instead of a spear he bore a tall staff, as it were a standard, but it was close-furled in a black cloth bound about with many tongs.

'It is a gift that I bring you from the Lady of Rivendell,' answered Halbarad. 'She wrought it in secret, and long was the making. But she also sends words to you: "The days are short. Either our hope cometh, or all hope end. Therefore I send thee what I have made for thee. Fare well, Elfstone!"

And Aragorn said: 'Now I know what you bear. Bear it still for me a while!'.

Dimensions: Halbarad is 65mm in height from base to tip of staff/standard.

32mm Fellowship Figures - MS438 Queen Beruthiel & Cats.

Queen Beruthiel and her cats MS438 miniature. Only available to Gold Status members.

Queen Beruthiel was the wife of Tarannon, the twelfth King of Gondor. She had nine black cats and one white cat. Her cats were stealthy and adept at finding their way in the dark. Queen Beruthiel used them as spies in order to learn the secrets that the people of Gondor wanted to keep hidden so that she could have an advantage over them. She was able to speak with her cats or read their minds in order to learn what they had discovered.

The people of Gondor hated and feared the cats, but the cats were not safe from Queen Beruthiel either. She tormented them and she had the white cat spy on the black cats.

It is said that King Tarannon set Queen Beruthiel and her cats adrift at Sea and they were never seen again. "The ship was last seen flying past Umbar under a sickle moon, with a cat at the masthead and another as a figure-head on the prow." It is also told that "her name was erased from the Book of the Kings (`but the memory of men is not wholly shut in books, and the cats of Queen Beruthiel never passed wholly out of men's speech')." 'Unfinished Tales' pp 401-402

Dimensions: Beruthiel is 32mm in height from base to tip of the queen's throne. Base is 26mm in width.

32mm Fellowship Figures - MS439 King of the Dead.

King of the Dead MS439 miniature. Only available to Gold Status members.

This is the winning suggestion from November's Fellowship vote. The King of the Dead was the leader of the oathbreakers, who are damned for eternity and now haunt the Paths of the Dead. They suffer no living thing to pass.

'Over the land there lies a long shadow,
westward reaching wings of darkness.
The Tower trembles; to the tombs of kings
doom approaches. The Dead awaken;
for the hour is come for the oathbreakers:
at the Stone of Erech they shall stand again
and hear there a horn in the hills ringing.
Whose shall the horn be? Who shall call them
from the grey twilight, the forgotten people?
The heir of him to whom the oath they swore.
From the North shall he come, need shall drive him:
he shall pass the Door to the Paths of the Dead.'

(spoke Malbeth the Seer, in the days of Arvedai, the last King of Fornost)

Dimensions: The King of the Dead is 51mm in height from base to tip of his spear.

32mm Fellowship Figures - MS440 Cirdan the Shipwright.

Cirdan the Shipwright MS440 miniature. Only available to Gold Status members.

This is the winning suggestion from December's Fellowship vote. A lord of the Teleri in Middle-earth, Círdan was persuaded to remain in Beleriand with some of his people by Ossë when the other Teleri were taken into the West by Ulmo. Lord of the Falas during much of the First Age, he removed to the Isle of Balar after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. At the end of the First Age, with the destruction of Beleriand, he moved eastwards and founded Mithlond, the Grey Havens, on the Gulf of Lhûn.

He remained in Lindon throughout the Second and Third Ages. Throughout the Second Age, that land was under the direct rule of High King Gil-galad. At the time of the fall of Eregion, Celebrimbor sent two of the Three Rings north to the High King, and Gil-galad in turn passed one of these to Círdan; Narya, the Ring of Fire. At the end of the Second Age, Gil-galad fell in the War of the Last Alliance, leaving Lindon without a ruler. His natural heir would have been Elrond, who had long since removed to Imladris, and so Círdan took on the leadership of the Elves west of the Blue Mountains.

Círdan continued to maintain the havens at Mithlond throughout the Third Age and into the Fourth. When the Wizards arrived in Middle-earth, he perceived that Gandalf was the wisest of them, and gave him the Red Ring to bear in secret. He took an active part in the events of the Third Age, too; it was his mariners, for example, who sought to rescue Arvedui the last King of Arthedain. He was still the master of the Grey Havens at the end of the Age, when he saw the Ring-bearers' White Ship, that he had held in preparation over the long years, pass into the West.

Dimensions: Cirdan the Shipwright is 35mm in height from base to top of his head.

32mm Fellowship Figures - MS441 Bilbo the Barrel Rider.

Bilbo the Barrel Rider MS441 miniature. Only available to Gold Status members.

This is the winning suggestion from January's Fellowship vote. In Mirkwood forest the Bilbo and his companions finds nothing but trouble. First Bombur, a most overweight dwarf, falls into a poisonous stream which causes him to fall into a deep sleep, forcing the rest of the company to carry him. Afterwards, they see elves in the distance, celebrating in the forest. But each time they approach them, the elves disappear in a flash of blinding light. They finally give up on meeting the elves, but are then captured by giant spiders who hang the dwarves from trees in preparation for eating. Bilbo manages to escape, free the Dwarves and frighten then spiders away, only to find that while he was fighting spiders the Dwarves have been taken prisoner by the Wood Elves.

Bilbo manages to slip into the elven halls and find the poor Dwarves who are locked deep in the dungeons. After weeks of hiding with the aid of his ring, the hobbit manages to free the Dwarves. But to escape the elven caverns, he must stuff each of them into an empty barrel which is rolled into the river. He jumps in after the last barrel and rides it like a raft all the way to Laketown on the Long Lake.

Dimensions: Bilbo the Barrel Rider is 17mm in height from base to top of Bilbos raised head. The base is 25mm wide and 33mm in length.

32mm Fellowship Figures - MS442 Helm Hammerhand.

Helm Hammerhand MS442 miniature. Only available to Gold Status members.

This is the winning suggestion from February's Fellowship vote. Legendary 9th King of Rohan. Helm was a man of great strength and valor.

In 2754, Helm refused to give his daughter's hand in marriage to Wulf, son of Freca - a Man of Rohan who was akin to the Men of Dunland. He was enraged by Helm's refusal and insulted him. Helm responded by slaying Freca with one blow from his mighty fist. Thereafter he was known as Helm Hammerhand.

Freca's son Wulf invaded Rohan in 2758 and captured Edoras. Helm's son Haleth died defending Meduseld, the King's hall. After suffering a great defeat at the Fords of Isen, Helm and his people took refuge in the stronghold that became know as Helm's Deep. They were besieged there during the Long Winter of November 2758 to March 2759. After Yule their supplies ran low and they were starving. Helm's son Hama went out in search of food and never returned.

The loss of his sons and the need of his people made Helm grow fierce. He began go out alone, dressed in all white, to raid the enemy camps and kill any Dunlendings he encountered. Each time he sounded his great horn, and his foes fled in terror. The Dunlendings believed that Helm could not be touched by any weapon and that he killed with his bare hands, and they began the false rumor that he ate his victims.
One night in 2759, Helm left Helm's Deep and did not return. His men found him at dawn, standing frozen on Helm's Dike.

Dimensions: Helm is 35mm in height from base to top of his head.

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